Dress Regs for a Pace/Regimental Stick

My husband has just been given his substantive WO2. RS cap badge of course, which is why I post here.
I have searched the forum's for the definitive answer but after 4 hours, I give up and just have to ask.

As its corp and not infantry, and he hasn't got an All arms drill course under his belt yet......., is he entitled to a pace stick, or should it be a Regimental stick?

Also colour, I have heard black is the RSM's and no other, But are there any other rules for the RS?

Yes, I know I open the way for torrents of abuse, lengths of his stick, colour etc etc, but I have also googled this and have found no definitive answer.

If you really know, please PM me, but discussions on the thread are obviously appreciated.......... and abuse is expected.


And just to clarify, My husband is regular.


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The length is dependant on size (one should be made to his leg measurement IIRC inside leg), colours for RS is an unknown for me. And if he is a Sqn SM he should have a pace stick, don't know about other wierd RS ranks, but Corps Dress Regs should cover colour, wood etc..

Hope this helps, or just get him a bottle of port, much easier.
I'm looking for it to be able to give it to him as a gift. If I ask him, he'll know my plans :)

Checked the dress regs that I could find having looked through ArmyNet, but to no avail. I admit I did scan through the 119 pages, just not entirely sure where to look.
Don't take advice on pace sticks from a Yeoman of Signals, for fucks sake ;-)
I'm looking for it to be able to give it to him as a gift.
If our lass had given me a pace stick as a gift when I was promoted to WO2 I'd have rendered her unconscious. Suck him off instead.
The Guru and Heidtheba are bang on correct when they say don't ask a YofS. These types are less likely to know as they spend all day managing technical and operationally focused strategic planning. Ask an RD Mong ( which is short for failed tradesman). The RD only has to worry about boots and haircuts!
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