Dress Regs - civvy pilot wings?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by skypilot, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. A bit of an obscure Q......I seem to recall reading somewhere that there was a "new" pilots wing brevet for wear on No.2's etc for suitably qualified professional civvy pilots serving in Reserve Forces.

    Anyone able to clarify this one way or the other?
  2. Question:

    You walk into a room, there's 12 people sitting there. How can you tell which one of them is a pilot?

    He'll let you know.

    Listen mate, get those civvy pilot wings off your uniform and stop acting like a geek.

    Now, a tank transporter trade badge. That's different and something to be proud to display.
  3. Is it a military qual? Nope well then dont wear it. Next thing, you will be wanting to wear your 25m swimming badge on your 2's.........
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

  5. Is that wrong then? How about my cycling proficency and Blue Peter badges? My mum says they look super.
  6. What about Red and Brown Wings?
  7. Do red and brown wings go on the chest or on the right arm?
  8. Most unlike a pilot to big oneself up at any opportunity :roll: :roll:

    in answer to your Q....... NO

  9. Mine are on my face, one on each cheek
  10. How embarassing! And the boss promised he'd keep it to himself.....

    The question arose due to seeing several such pairs of "genuine issue" wings appearing on eBay, sealed in packets with NSN-type numbering (can't find the links now though).

    I guess I'll have to go and unstitch "Jim Fixed It For Me" medal ribbon now as well.......(don't ask, I don't like to talk about it son)

    And for info, I'm not TA, nor do I own No2's (of any type, with or without badges). I do however collect military flying badges.

    My monicker is also a big clue.....
  11. Not sure, but the ******* badge goes right up to the elbow.
  12. Pure class! :D
  13. And for info, I'm not TA, nor do I own No2's (of any type, with or without badges). I do however collect military flying badges.

    he hee! oh my fecking god! this has to be a WAAHH? :p :p
  14. The only civvy pilots wings worn on military uniform are civilian instructors who are employed by the mil. Ie DHFS or Babcock. Most of the time they are ex mil and wear their former service flying badge but there are a couple who are civvy through and through. Being civvies, they only wear them on flying suits. Dont know where they stand if they happen to be reservists too but I suspect they would not be able to wear them on other uniform.

    Is you a pilot, mister? Wow. 8O
  15. If you're not military what's with the "sealed in packets with NSN-type numbering"? Either you're a badged up walt or you're telling us little porkies. NSNs is QM-speak....