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Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. I have posted this here rather than the Ticket thread so its seen.
    Heard a rumour today that from "above", all SNCO/WO/Offrs will be Jacket and Tie for entry into RLC tent, can anyone confirm??
  2. Have heard the same rumour today mate!!!
    Besides which how will they know what rank you are???
  3. Thats what we were thinking, but then depends how "famous" you are!!
  4. What about all the retired chaps and chapesses??

    Or is this mearely a recycled thread from previous years?!
  5. Just stay out of the RLC tent then?

    Job done<
  6. I'll be there in body, but not mind - Does that count?
  7. I didn't pay £4 for a wrist band just to dust off me old corps tie and then have beer/blood/puke/kebab spilt down it.

    How will they know about civvies indeed? I don't walk around with my MOD90 stuck to my forehead anymore. Haven't for years now.
  8. No, i said this because it came out of CO's prayers! Although i said rumour, i was gauging whether anyone else had heard it.
  9. Tell the CO, from me, to poke it - leather chaps, a stick of celery up my bum and an S10 with a TRF on the front of it. And a pair of pink high heels so that I can see over the heads of the tall cav orrificers.
  10. I love this issue as it always appears just before the big day. What DRLC and those in DRLC RHQ fail to remember is that they do not command anyone - ok the staff car driver possibly? Therefore if they want to get something in force such as wearing of jkts and ties then they need to push something out saying so. Rumours don't work - Charge of the Light Brigade showed that! Received my ticket and swinger with no information concenring this matter.

    Only info that came with the tickets was don't unrinate in public. I can live with that one.
  11. If any bafoon has ordered people to wear jackets and ties to the match then they are a prize penis.

    One of the few reasons that I am glad that I'm now am a civvy is that I don't have to listen to such utter drivel and bollox from self-important prats sitting in ivory towers any more. If anybody in any chain of cammand is worried about what people wear to a rugby match then they need a damn good kick in the vagina - small minded pedantry is a symptom of self-important fools who feel the need to impose petty regulations on people in order to feed their fragile egos.

    If, however, noone has made any such pronouncement then I apologise to all and sundry for hopping onto my hobby horse!
  12. I'm with DRLC on this one. Even if the temperatures are approaching 25C I shall be mostly wearing my British Warm and trilby and articulating mild encouragement to the Army Rugger Team. I shall be avoiding you ill mannered oafs and your urine/vomit stained attire as I sip my alcoholic beverage which may or may not be a pint of Old Foreskin's Best Wallop. Now move along you scruffy little oik.
  13. That's because you need something to camouflage your furtive onanism, you frottaging spunktrumpet.

    The last time you wore your British warm, you were hiding in Cleggy's wardrobe, spanking your monkey for all it was worth over the dutch film they were watching on the TV they pinched from you!!! :D
  14. BORING,
    This drivel gets brought up every year! I did hear the RLC tent has moved this year to a new location, can anyone confirm this?