Dress/parade shoes - sizes new and old

Hi there!

Thought I'd try to draw on the collective wisdom here.

Does anyone know how the size system for the older dress shoes is constructed?

I have seen these shoes floating around on Ebay, apparently of a quality which is on par with what sanders-uk offer offer today (at a much higher asking price, I have such a pair of Camberleys, size 7.5, which with some elbow grease and IPA have been made to fit my Donald Duck feet).

Problem with the UK MOD shoes is that nowhere - ebay or elsewhere - are there any half-sizes avaliable, just whole sizes and the added "S", "M" or "L".

Now, do these S, M and L stand for the width or the length? Would 7.5 correspond to 7 L or 8 S?

As you might guess I am not in the UK armed forces. Just a Swedish reservist and lurker who likes good quality shoes and who does not wish to shell out another 100+ quid for a pair of black oxfords)
OK, thanks. It would seem to be the logical thing. I'll see if I can get a pair of size 7s and have the cobbler stretch them out a couple of mms.

Nice Saturday to the two of you BTW.

It always used too when I were a lad. DMS boots and flying boots certainly used that system, though they also came in half sizes. Quite how the system used with combat boots worked, I have no idea.

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