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Discussion in 'RLC' started by maverickfb, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. :? any ideas on where I can get a blue rlc tunic and peaked hat (cap)? silvermans seems to be quite expensive and often supply the wrong thing. incidently how different is that dress from re no1?
  2. Mine doesn't.........
    No1 Dress jkt should be
    • Dark blue barathea patrol jacket with 5 RLC buttons, stand collar, 2 breast pockets and 2 hip pockets
    • Enamelled RLC officers’ collar badges with cannon muzzles pointing inward
    • No whistle lanyard
    • No piping anywhere on jacket
    White linen strip patrol collar secured to the jacket collar showing not more than 1/8 inch above the jacket collar.

    Try a RLC unit that does ceremonial duties or the band
  3. Or try Glover and Riding, the tailors in Aldershot as they will hire and alter no1 dress to fit if needed, well they did..........
  4. There's a beardy Pioneer on the front cover of the latest edition of 'Sustainer'.

    Might be worth a perusal re markings and stripes.

    Glover and Riding's in ALdershot do No1s hire, fully tailored with all correct markings etc. £60 for a long weekend plus deposit (or it was when I got wed in 1997).

    Cheaper options do exist... It's all about contacts...

    As suggested above, try a local RA or RE establishment and see what you can muster.

    To be honest, if you're the only person at the event in rig no-one will notice the odd bit of piping that's incorrect. :wink:
  5. Try 20 Sqn Rlc at Regents Park.
    Their QM's hold all home service ceremonial uniform.
    Pm me. I will give you the contact
  6. I hired a set recently from a REME tailor near Aldershot. He was excellent, number is 01189 763452. He's doing a set for one of our guys who's getting married in Mexico, He's charging 1 weeks hire, but the bloke gets it for 3 weeks.

    He can do Trousers (if reqd), Jacket, belt, gloves and hat.

    Hope that's helpful?
  7. Is that at Arborfield?
  8. Remember the saying "out in war, inwards during peace" was that bullshit?