Discussion in 'Officers' started by FEAR_NAUGHT_EGYPT, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone seen the latest pamphlet being sent to RAF officer cadets sbout to go to Cranwell? It outlines what is acceptable and what is not, including cartoon character ties and how not to look like a prostitute at a cocktail party. Worth a look, although I fear the standards of dress in the army might lead to a similar publication being produced for the new generation of RMAS cadets.
  2. It was e-mailed round main building and it's hilarious.

    "This tie is too short, this one is too long, this one is just right."

    "This shirt is too dark and therefore un-acceptable in the mess". The worst thing is the Wing Commander that works with us was complaining that it ruled out half his wardrobe :D
  3. Don't shout :D

    Whilst staying in their dreadul Daedalus Mess at RAFC whilst on the pilot's course I had several run-ins with the dress code. Basically, you couldn't wear loud colourful cords and moleskins, but football shirts were fine (although it had to be premier division only).

    I was however told by this street sweeper masquerading as PMC that working dress was fine.

    So - we merrily invented obscure Army working dresses. My favourite was 'Garrison Riding Order' which was lumpy blue jumper RA, stock, jodphurs and boots. In bad weather it was topped off with a British Warm.

    Our silly, petty, bemused sideways scuttling blunties (you won't find many aircrew at RAFC) grudgingly fell for it.

    It's not about dress, but style, you see.
  4. Does it tell cadets to chop the maker's label off the cuffs of a new suit? Last time I saw a bunch of cadets two of them had failed to do so - one Brit and a floppy.
  5. I don't think this is anything new; my father still has a similar document from his RAF Officer training in 1951.

    The last two RAF messes I lived in operated a sensible Red/Green dress code, with a clear definition of what was acceptable for Green - and it did not include football or other sports attire. Loud trousers were regularly seen. An officer (aircrew) who pitched up at a dinner night in a ready-made bow tie had it removed at top table and burnt; the port fine was a large one.

    Now, however, I live in a large and unpleasant Army mess where despite the PMC's efforts little attempt seems to have been made to adhere to the dress code. The last time I attended brunch at a weekend there were two officers in dirty sports kit, and another using his mobile phone at table. Outside, one little AGC chav regularly gives us the benefit of his 'thumping choons' from his N-reg BMW M3 looky-likey. The RAF do not have monopoly on lack of style and boorish behaviour.

    As for cartoon character ties - they are the classic sign of an LE UWO.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Would you not just ask your tailor not to sew one on? You should have ample opportunity at one of the fittings.

    Oh, I see! You mean they allow their officers to wear suits made for other people! How quaint.
  7. My experience is that all formal/casual wear is acceptable as long as it is from Marks and Sparks, with scruff order sourced from Burton. Suits generally worn with no vents on jacket, a hint of a shine in the fabric, and ties the cheaper type of silk, usually sourced in a twin pack complete with matching shirt.

    That said, don't think that they consider wearing cheap clothes to be either a career stopper or something that others would sneer at. Perhaps they're right, at least in one respect.

  8. I have a prostitute I would like to take to a cocktail party. Does the pamphlet show how she should dress so as to look like an RAF officer?
  9. VB,

    Are you by chance an ageing major? Your adherence to rigid dress codes at weekends, lack of tolerance in general, and disdain of LE UWOs would certainly indicate so.

    My diagnosis is tunnel vision caused by having your head up your arse for too long. Now go and pinch the mess newspaper, bugger off to your room, and let the rest of the mess enjoy themselves.

  10. I'm with Viro Bono on this one. There is never a reason to wear dirty sportskit to a meal, nor use a mobile phone at the table it is just f*cking bad manners.

    That does not mean I think that meals should only be eaten in suits, in fact far from it. The excessive dress regs in some messes drive me away from the dining room.
  11. What gives them the right to define what a prostitute looks like?

    Do they specify price brackets?
  12. What if you sourcve a prostitute in her national costume, like the Prime minister appears to have done?
  13. Not quite - they allow their people who wear suits to be officers.
  14. Most of the RAF where I am do not have a problem in dressing:

    Wake up, wash & shave, pick up flying suit/coveralls/babygro from floor/washpile/wardrobe - don't bother with ironing as crumpled look makes you look 'hard', grab handful of velcro patches - stick on somewhere/anywhere including name patch with 'Top-Gun style' nickname, wear all day, everyday, at all times, both daytime & evening, whether in work, dinner or the bar, whether you are on or off duty or have been flying or not, take off, go to bed. Repeat.
  15. Could you post said pamphlet would raise morale no end ??