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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mac_uk, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. Bit of a bone comment I know but I just had to ask the question.

    Just got back from the local Memorial and saw a T.A. R. Sigs full screw on parade in CS95 with a full rack of gongs dangling away in the morning sun.
    Is it normal to wear your medals with CS95?
    I had heard that No.2's aren't issued anymore to Regulars let alone TA so that could explain it, it was a fairly impressive rack of silverware and I guess you'd want to wear it somehow even if you don't have 2's.
    Does anyone know what the dress regs are?
    It just seemed to me to look a bit Septic where I think they pin their ribbons to their pajamas given half a chance.
  2. I thought it was common for the TA because of the lack of 2's
  3. Having served with TA Units in the past it is normal for them to wear their medals on CS95. This is only the norm for parades, such as Rememberance, as the majority do not have No 2 Dress.
  4. Who gives a fcuk what they wear so long as its smart, well turned out and more importantly 'there'

    If someone wants to march past in a gimp outfit, medals, flippers and a trilby it wouldn't bother me..... so long as they had a shaggin hair cut :D
  5. I thought I saw you there MDN, you looked extremely smart and had brasso'd all your dangly bits, well done.
  6. Didn't see you at the cenotaph on SKY dressed like that MDN, must have been when they cut to some minister trying to big themselves up.

    Fair comments about TA lack of 2s, I guess it might be considered a waste of money by the MOD to let them have the kit.

    You're all right, he WAS on parade, and he had definately done his part for HM
  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    TA 100% SNCO and above
    JNCO a pool to be held at 50% of established strength

    JSP 336 Vol 12 Part 3 it’s in Pam 1 I believe.

    This may be changing with the new service dress but I believe it is about the same.

    The whinge if any should be directed to your QM
  8. I took my lads to the one at Stretford memorial this morning.

    There was a TA full screw there in CS95 with the most massive 'pi-sstank to waist size' ratio i've ever seen.

    His belt must have been a 28 incher, but the beer gut hanging over the top of it, was at least the size of a Cinquecento.
  9. That's because you are a civvy, and only did 9 years. You big woofter.
  10. And?

    Youve done much more time, with far less to show for it other than a cnut full of many mens batter. Only six gongs in all that time, and one of them will be a jubillee no doubt.

    Waste of skin and air
  11. Percy, You sound like you know something of the new service dress, could you give a brief update as to what is happening?

  12. Boo Hoo.

    9 years? I've got older shoes.
  13. I've spent more time in the NAAFI queue!!

  14. He was dead good in his 9 years though,

  15. Odd, got to say all my TA unit was in no. 2's apart from the band which were in Scarlets.