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Discussion in 'Officers' started by girl_in_green, Jan 14, 2003.

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  1. I would like to pose a question to all you knowledgeable and experienced gentlemen (& ladies) out there.

    Is it acceptable for females to wear a trouser suit in the officer’s mess? And does this vary from mess to mess?
  2. Yes providing that if you are going to dress like a boy you wear a tie.... ;)
  3. It is becoming increasingly acceptable for females to wear trouser suits - particularly in those Messes where there are a relatively high number of girlies.

    I suspect some Messes might still frown on the idea though.........
  4. It is perfectly acceptable for women to wear trouser suits in messes for the simple reason that we men know exactly how to take them off since we normally (booties excepted) wear the same garment.

    Other than that the normal attire for a woman in a mess should be a skirt that is short enough to not require removing in order to get to the goods.

    For those that want to react to a bit of brutal baiting:

    As for a mess having a significant number of women in it I can only anticipate that this would happen on a dinner night or a ball when there were a significant number of civilian women (ie wives/girlfriends/wannabees) in attendance. Other cases would indicate some sort of REMF mess that probably isn't worth being in in the first place!
  5. It’s a particularly pertinent question today as on the news the Queen was shown wearing a trouser suit on her departure from hospital.
  6. she was hardly likely to wear a leopard skin thong and peep hole bra ;D
  7. The imagination does not do justice to such ideas, although Diana probably posed for James in such garb-we'll have to wait for the letters to be published
  8. Kind of opens up a new topic - What to do with f&*#wit ex-cavalry officers who dish the dirt on their ex-girlfriends?
  9. It has been my experience that women can wear what ever the fcuk they want, as the term "female equivilent" is as abused as "man-portable" in military terms!
  10. Surely the answer to your question lies within the realms of the Mess Committee Meeting. If you have determination to raise the issue, you should surely have the nouse to have, quietly, gained the support for an acceptable compromise. Eg: on the nights that Gentlemen are expected to wear suits, Ladies should wear either a dress or a formal trouser suit. However, in the same way as a dress was expected to be joined at the middle and not revealing either shoulders or bust, (as this apparently distracts the the mess staff and puts other diners off their dinner! ) a Ladies Suit for dinner should be equally as formal.

    The bottom line is, Ladies, you are a minority in an old fashioned world, and whilst you should strive for equality, you may find that that is gained better by quiet subvercity (is there such a word?) rather than head on confrontation!!

    That's from a "girly" old hand who had done infantry Regiments and been a Forward Air Controller -  Quietly, quietly, catch the monkey!
  11. Wow, whole regiments and more than one!;D
  12. Dear Gal in Green

    If you were a proper officer from a proper background you would have no need to ask.

    I suggest that you copy your betters (unless they are in the Really Large Corps)

  13. OK, I'll Bite on this one

    I presume, UNO that you are referring to those officers whose right to command is vested in the fact that they have a genetic deformity resulting in a lack of chin, a tendancy to Bray 'HAW HAW' instead of laugh and a belief it is normal to bugger younger boys as a prefect.

    CGS - I presume this is one who would be a prototypical officer from 'The Psychology of Military Incompetence'.
  14. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator


    Yes, pretty much the archetypal definition...


    I do hope that you are not convinced by your comment, and that it was posted for 'comedy' value?
  15. Does this mean that one can read certain things into his background as he is doing to others? Like how his mother used to control when and in what manner he could go poo poo?