Dress Code for Mess Dinner

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sniper_Stripe, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I am looking to find out the dress code for OCdt's at formal dinners in other Regiments in the TA. Our OCdt's always used to wear Black Tie rather than mess kit but they have now been told to accuire Blues! In the TA i have never heard/come across this before at dinner nights! What about other units?


    PS anyone know where i can get some size 10 George Boots!?!
  2. Depending on the unit, Black Tie can be more than acceptable. But again, all depends on the unit. Call the PSAO of the unit - that'll settle it.
  3. JB

    JB Clanker

    "Aquire Blues"!!! - whoever dreamt that one up is out of their facking tree. In any case so far as I'm aware, if you are an OCdt, you are still a private soldier - so if they want you to have Blues they have to issue them to you - so tell them to stick that in UNICOM and smoke it.
    As an OCdt you cannot wear officers' uniforms until commissioned - you pass out of RMAS dressed as a pprivate soldier. I don't think you can even buy Toms' Blues (and you'd have to replace them with officer equivalent once commissioned anyway), so that goes right out the window. Even TA officers aren't expected to own Blues and cannot be compelled to do so - that's why the TA Officer's uniform allowance is much lower thanthat of Reg Ruperts. Though they do look very smart if cut right ;) Basically, whoever told you this is talking out their arse.
  4. Hmmm... Check with the PSAO....Hmmmmm

    I think a better call would be the PMC or your fellow pups to see what went down at the last dinner.

    BTW, my gang NEVER wear Blues... :wink:
  5. All I said was black tie may be more than adequate and perhaps guidance should be sought from the PSAO - who is most likely going or could point the wayward OCdt in the right direction.

    If the financial side of uniform purchase is a concern, well, if it's just come as a shock that uniforms are to be purchased off our own backs... :roll:
  6. Black Tie.
  7. Having just spent time in an OTC as DS. Many CO's of OTC's can be so far up their own arse with pomposity(good word!!) that they believe they command battalions or regiments.

    Truth is: While your OTC may have a regimental affiliation you are not in a regiment (unless you are a bursar etc.). Therefore as an OTC OCdt or Gp B Officer you DO NOT HAVE A MESS DRESS TO WEAR.

    The Black tie ensomble is accepted in every mess as the required alternative for civilians and retired gentlemen (and wifeys) who are now too fat for their uniforms. Aa a Gp B OCdt or Offr you also fit into this category.

    No pish please about the honourable OTC's of toff uni's - the rules are the same for them. I know it was my job to find out. Don't believe me? Ask HQ land - I did!!

    Sorry if I offend, but I spent several years listening to OTC CO's spout Sh**e about their mini empires. Thank God the CO's I worked for came from the planet earth and were good at their job.

    Hope that helps.....gasp pant (red faced ranting over he collapses over his keyboard for a sleep - like a good STAB)
  8. This sounds like bullshite or a wind up

    If its your Adjt who came up with this bright idea then tell him that he is talking bollox. The correct form (look it up)is to wear white tie not black tie at a formal mess dress dinner. Most people don't have white tie so they compromise on black tie. PMC and /or mess rules determine what they will accept.

    If they want you to wear blues get the QM to provide OR versions for you. At RMAS you wear a form of No1 Dress but you wear white collar tags to signify that you are an Ocdt

    Don't waste your money until you get commissioned
  9. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Go on SS - tell us which Unit this is!

    Seriously anyone who expects OCdts to shell out for blues is nuts. We expect ours (RSigs) to wear black tie for formal mess dinners.

  10. JB

    JB Clanker

    ...and the QM will look at you like you've got three heads or asked him if you can do something rude to his missus. Quite right though, that, as OI said above, if an OR is required to wear No1s they have to be provided at public expense. In reality, TA units, with literally a handful of exceptions just do not see Blues from one year to the next; because, by and large there is just no reason for them to. Going up the chain with 'Ay-say; my good man, we-ah hevving a mess bash and want these fellows to look the part, what?' etc is going to get very short shrift indeed. Not least because parade uniforms like 2s and 1s come in very approximate sizes, which almost invariably need to be retailored by a garrison tailor to fit the individual...time? resources? Yeah.
    To clarify, as a TA officer cadet, you will not wear Blues, even at RMAS - you pass off in No2s; DS wear their 2s or Service Dress. The only place to draw OCdt RMAS Blues is RMAS and they will categorically not issue anything to a TA bod posted in for 3 weeks.
    As Scary Spice said, who are these choppers?
  11. Re. In our TA Sqn, even our most newest/lowliest Tpr has a set (sadly) of blues/no.1s and they were issued, I thought that every unit was the same :lol:
  12. I see it as initive test, always before OCdt's (all two of them) have worn Black Tie to such events but this has come from the new top man in the Regt. mine is not to argue. Will have a look at mess rules!

  13. Bet your ex yeomanry 10p says you are :)
  14. Great guess 50% correct, was it that obvious :?: :lol:
  15. The chance to wear tight pants and chains? you bet! :D