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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by mattrlc, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. After being told that I was unable to get a cap through the system I had to resort to purchasing one online for my wedding. It arrived this morning through the post looking a bit on the floppy side on the top. Is there anything that can be done to spruce it up and make it look as good as it should do. Many thanks.

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  2. Cut out a sphere a rigid plastic to insert in the crown of the cap.

    Then rinse your mouth out with 5.56mm rounds.
  3. I'm here to help, not just abuse.
  4. If you couldn't get one 'through the system', I can only assume that you aren't entitled to what ever it is you refer to as a 'dress cap'?

    A few questions:
    1. Are you TA or ACF? (If either, you ought not to be marrying in uniform)
    2. Whatever you are/aren't, are you supposed to wear a 'dress cap', ie is it part of your uniform?
    3. Have you promoted yourself for the event? Most oiks seem to these days.....
    4. How large will your sword guard be and will they be furnished with a variety of pointy sticks from around the globe?

    Remember: If you are foolish enough to turn up to your big day dressed in anything other than that to which you are entitled, you will forever be portrayed as a knob in all your wedding photographs and all the happy snaps that your guests will take. These will doubtless find their way onto the usual social media outlets where they will stay for ever. For years to come folk will be able to point at you and say 'Wedding Walt'!
  5. It might not just be that, I struggled to get a cap/helemt through the system due to my enormous head (62cm). I had to make do with a 60, and I was carted off to Firmins so that I could have a made to measure state helmet.

    Judging by the OP previous posts he is a member of the Really Large Corps, who only got permission to wear caps a few years ago and still most bods don't have them due to budgetary constraints, stores being for storing etc.
  6. You make a fair point in his(?) defence - I hadn't factored huge swedes into my previous answer. However, you still got your monster sized bucket 'through the system', did you not? It is not as if you were made to pay for it.
  7. You and me too fella. I managed to get mine all straight, but the SSM still picked me up on it

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  8. Was it involved in a crime? Did SOCO take fingerprints from it? or is that your 'orrid little greasy thumbprint on the peak?
  9. ran out of shaving foam . :oops:
  10. True, but it did take nearly a year to get through the system and in the mean time I had to borrow the Q-Mans.
  11. RLC you say? Right then, I call 'uniform Walt' in that case. The only bods below the salt in that particularly unworthy organisation permitted to don a forage cap are Warrant Officers. All others must wear a beret. End of chat.
  12. Don't they have a Corps Band anymore ?
  13. all seem to wear one when on public duties