Dress belt for 2s

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Invade_france, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Im after some advice and also a place to souce the item.

    The advice I would like is ref. the regs for colours of belts ive seen both white and black, however I have been told various reasons for this so I am wondering if anyone knows the definitive answer.

    Also is there anywhere I can part with my hard earned beer tokens for one of the aformentioned items.

  2. Ask the nice man in your QM stores and he'll give you one for free - as to colour, it's down to regt tradition: some wear black, some white, some used to wear the horrid green nylon one too.
  3. Yea our corps is starting to wear the tramp special with their two's.

    I dont see the point in spending hours on my ammo boots, brasses and twat cap to have a working dress belt on. If somone asks me to a function thats important to them its the least I can do to look presentable for their big day.
  4. Soooo true! Try giving 16 SR a bell (if you have any mates there). They're on public duties and they're bound to have a gucci belts with nice stainless steal buckles with Jimmey on and 'borrow' one!
  5. You should be able to find the belts in the QMs.

    Failing that try e-bay. They have everything else there!!!
  6. Haven´t got a clue about the official policy these days; but for what it´s worth here´s my personal preference:

    Green working dress belt - absolute bonk.
    White belt - looks good, but you need the gloves to really set it off.
    Black belt - is the way ahead. Looks really smart and no gloves needed.
  7. Tend to agree with certa on this one although unfortunatly most units have gone over to the web belts which look bonk
  8. What is your Regiment supposed to wear.
    There is a reason it is called a uniform!
  9. Cheers Captain Obvious. :idea:

    I think that was the initial question. :roll:

  10. I don´t think it´s that simple. As in "Horses for courses", I think it´s a case of "Belts for parades". I can remember No2´s parades where I´ve worn the green belt and parades where the white belt has been used. I also remember some of our guys going to a funeral in the UK and they were issued with black belts for it.

    Have we got any "badges" on here, that could shed some light on the matter ?

    Edited due to bonk spelling
  11. The reason I want to buy one is that I'm posted to an Independant Sqn that isnt run by my glourious corps. And to be honest dont want to be chasing a bloody belt all around the country before I go.

    Also I have five functions that Ive been asked to attend this spring summer and giving one out for that long would make most QM's depts get all moist (not in a good way).
  12. PDs states black belts are to be worn, White belts can however be used in lieu of black or green. Commanders discretion I suppose? I think you can get black belt from the PRI in Blandford.