Dress and mannersims 89 MI Section tie

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, May 10, 2008.

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  1. Abtie still has a number of these unique ties left in his loft, a veritable icon for the Airbourne Intelligence brotherhood.

    They are just the job for holding your cricket whites up, and will set off nicely that tweed sports coat in the back of the cupboard, that you have not worn since that unhappy trip you made to Westbury.

    PM me or email abtie@hotmail.com for details on how to obtain one of these unique items.

    ( all applications will be referred to the Deputy Waltfinder General for approval)

    Hurry, only 2 months to Corps Day!!
  2. as an ex member of 41 (AB) MI Sect (which 89 briefly changed to in the mid nineties), I am sorely tempted, SS. However, given that I never actually jumped out of a plane in the entire time I was there, and refused point blank to attend P Coy (I was not a willing volunteer for the job, you understand), I think I should probably give it a miss.
    Besides, I already have enough trouble trying to explain away the red beret (sorry, I mean maroon) still in the box in my garage, which was compulsory for all members of the airborne bde to wear, even "hats" like me.
    Nice smock, though.....
  3. ......because you'd never have passed?! :wink: