Dreghorn WWI Practice Trenches

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pcar964, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Military archaeologists begin work at Edinburgh historic site

    Archaeologists have started work to assess the significance of First World War practice trenches at Dreghorn Barracks in Edinburgh.

    Archaeologists from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and City of Edinburgh Council have begun working with specialists from the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Battlefield Archaeology to uncover the full extent of the site, after the council allocated some £3,500 to enable the survey work to take place.

    Council archaeologists have made funding available for the university team to carry out the non-intrusive survey. The team will chart the route and condition of trenches at Dreghorn Woods, Colinton, before making recommendations for future management of the site.


    BBC Reporting Scotland: BBC News - Survey begins in bid to preserve WWI trenches in Edinburgh

    Video clip here:

    The Scotsman: Edinburgh First World War trench survey begins - Latest news - Scotsman.com

    With any luck they'll find something that stops the building on the Polo Fields

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  2. With the economy in the state that it's in, why are we wasting money on self-indulgent crap like this?
  3. Because if councils didn't make the funde available for stuff like this:

    1. Our children would not be so aware of what has happened in the past and perhaps - in the words of George Santayana - "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
    2. The same funds for this fiscal year would be spunked by sandal-wearing, carrot-crunching social workers on a bunch of "socially disadvantaged" smack-heads.

    Just a thought
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  4. You're talking about Edinburgh Council here. They've just spunked 700 MILLION on a ****ing tram system that's four years late, has only one line and which won't be used other than by shoplifters making their way back from Princes Street to the west side schemes. £3500? It wouldn't buy a hanging strap on one of the trams.
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  5. Your argument is that they've already wasted £700 million, so may as well throw a few quid more away?
  6. I didn't realise the MOD was involved.
  7. It was almost 100 years ago, everybody who served is dead, and the situation is extremely unlikely to erupt again. Even if that weren't the case, WW1 is hardly going to be forgotten with more monuments and museums than any other event in history. And even if that weren't the case, it's a ****ing training area. It's like preserving a FIBUA building at Copehill Down to remember the blokes who died in Iraq.

    "We may as well waste the money on this because it's only going to get wasted on something else" is not an argument. Personally, I'd prefer that we didn't waste the money at all.
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  8. No. My point is that 3.5k is a drop in the ocean comparEd to what they've wasted on the tram system. Whether that 3.5k is being wisely spent on an archaeological dig remains to be seen. It may add to the knowledge base surrounding WW1 and may recoup that investment in time by becoming a tourist attraction. At this time we don't know, so whether it's a wate remains to be seen.
  9. OFFS, hasn't Johhny frog and his scabby phlegmish neighbour got enough real trenches for them to dig up?
  10. This is the SNP's doing. They hope to have the trenches fully excavated so come 2014 they can move the SDF straight into defensive positions.
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  11. Barry Buddon has the same thing out at Barry North...just of the ridge =)
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  12. So did the Gailes camp at Irvine near another Dreghorn, I'm looking at a pic taken in 1954 and you can see trenches in the trg area in the back ground but what are the ones outside the blocks to the front?
    Site Record for Gailes, Army Camp Details Details
  13. The SDF is a misnomer, the Scottish military ethos is all about offence: offensive language, offensive manners, offensive wives............
  14. ...offensive neighbours.
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