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Dreghorn Barracks naafi shop

Driving along Redford Road today, noticed the former NAAFI shop which turned into a Spar then more recently something else (red and white paint scheme) has doors closed and car park locked.

Don't see any notices explaining whats happening.

Is it closed for good or just for some kind of refit?
From Naafi to Spar to some mexican sounding Amigo, or somthing like that.
I never saw naything saying what was happening, it's bee shut for about a month or so now, not a great loss as it was going downhill rapidly. Tesco is now just a bit further on so they probably got the trade.
Spanky123 said:
As far im aware, Dreghorn and Redford are being used as training areas for the West wing of the Air Training Corp and Army Cadets.
I wouldn't say that to the Rifles, Royal Regt of Scotland(I forget which battlion), HQ 52 Bde, the Cadet Training Teams, the School of Pipes & Drums, 51(Scottish) Bde RTC, various Recruiting Teams........
LLF, no, there you're probably correct, the news of smoke grenades goining off in newsagents wouldn't have reached down your way.

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