Dreg of society...


Was stumbling around youtube and came across this video...now at first I thought it may have been about an arrogant copper in Londons met. However, its an anti was protester in london, having a stupid row with the Police officer. what I found sad, was the comments he made about serving soldiers and even the police themselves....


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Nothing to object to in that tube clip. A copper getting wound up but not going to far. In fact credit to him for staying logical and expressive.
Good on the cop for not losing it, though perhaps seeing the tw@ with the camera get ran over slowly by a London double decker would have been as enjoyable as seeing his face being caved in by a police truncheon.
It was what comments were made...saying most coppers are ex army or people bullied at school. aswell as accusing squaddies of being baby killers and murderers.
loggielad said:
...accusing squaddies of being baby killers and murderers.
We are baby killers, haven't you killed one yet ?


CQMS said:
It's not on purpose, pinning them to the back of the target hardly counts.
Always give mine a 5 min head start, it's a fighting chance isn't it...

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