Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lumpy2, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. Aren't dreams marvellous?

    The other night I had a motorbike which ran on carrots .... :wtf:

    So what weird and wonderful things happen in your dreams? Or perhaps you come up with a groundbreaking scientific invention which, on waking, turns out to be complete bollocks?

    Do dreams have any hidden meaning, or are they just random clutter from the recesses of our brains?

    Over to you ....
  2. I dreamed I had a new car,when I woke up I only had the horn.Mind you,when you are 70,I'm easily pleased.
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  3. I was once halfway to the phone to call 999 to report a burglary and the theft of my mega stereo, when it dawned on me that I didn't actually have one but had dreamt that I had.

    that would have taken a bit of explaining.
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  4. This morning I dreamt that I was back in the police and being dicked for a Murder Investigation straight after a Night Shift.

    No I'm wrong, they're called 'Nightmares' aren't they.
  5. I always wondered what Stevie Wonder dreamed about.
  6. You dreamt about something that throbs and vibrates between your legs and at least one carrot was involved? I’m no psychiatrist, but I have an inkling of what Freud might have thought about it!

    I had a rather disturbing dream recently in which my boss was really angry with me and threatening to sack me. I woke up frightened and with a start and was told that if I ever fell asleep again during my annual career review I’d be out.
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  7. Possessed cheese anyone?

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  8. That's your 'ummin rites well infringed that is. You should bung in a claim.

    You are a scouser, aren't you?

    Edit: Just realised, a scouser with a job? WAH!
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  9. I once fell asleep while on stag, and while dreaming I was awake, woke up and found myself asleep.
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  10. That adequately describes my every waking thought.
  11. I once dreamt that I was a sixteen year old, dressed in a greeny browny type of clothing, fousands of miles away from home, in a place called Sennybridge, a nasty man gave me a digging implement and told me, in the howling winds and thrashing rains, to dig a 2-man fire trench with IPC (?), no hang on,........
  12. I once dreamt I was was floating through fields full of cows then along a river under a waterfall where I sudenly was awoke with the smell of shit and piss after being hit by a boot....realising i was that pissed I had Grand slammed my bed. The reality suddenly hits you as your walking the corridor of shame to the shower.....we've all been there haven't we????
  13. I have twice dreamt weird dreams that immediately after waking I felt they meant someone close to me was going to die. I soon forgot what the dreams entailed but on both occasions, within a month...it happened.

    I've got all sorts of other reoccurring shit going on as well.
  14. I'm just wondering if that is down to the fact that you have some form of extra sensory perception which manifests itself whilst you are asleep in the form of a dream or, more likely, that you are you a serial killer.
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  15. I once dreamt I was shipwrecked.

    When I awoke, I had a hand on the mast and seamen running everywhere!
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