Dreams can come true

As I get older, my ambitions increasingly revolve around foodstuffs and drink and less around a threesome with Caroline Quentin and Kirsty Allsop. Moreover they also revolve more around a good seat in the lower tier under the royal box and less about actually treading the hallowed turf of Murrayfield.

So it is with great joy this day I announce that my mate Steve the Weegie and I will be lunching in Leith at The Kitchin before heading to Murrayfield in the fervent expectation of capping the two tasting menus (food and wine) with a good hard shafting of the Welsh. Strong drink may then follow into the wee hours...

Now in my book that has the makings of a day that will live in infamy and is likely to provide some good tour-stories. We still chuckle about the time I hung Wee Stevie on some railings and force-fed him burgers to get him back into sufficient sobriety that we could go drinking again. Or the hunting cup that fell on the deckhead in a packed Rugby Special train to glasgow but was returned to me unharmed by a very nice man from Partick when we got to Glasgow.

However what would be your ideal food and event mixture, Michelin and Test Match has got to be up there with the greats but what are those greats for you lot?


Book Reviewer
Top place mate, featured in Masterchef the other night.

The Kitchin
The All-Female Naked Jelly Wrestling finals and I get to eat the jelly afterwards?
Was that the one where he was bubbling like a schoolgirl after service
The French lad? Aye the same. Well no wonder he was crying he had just realised the Scouse behemoth had nicked his watch and wallet out the lockers...and then beat him hollow.

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