Dreams and emotions upon waking

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fallschirmjager, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. Strange one I suppose. Just had a nightmare about my young 'un dying and I was hugging him. Anyway, it woke me up and the grief I felt seemed so real. I was ******* devastated to say the least! I also remember having a dream years ago about some bint I've never met before. Can't remember what happened, but I remember waking up and the love I felt for her was unreal. I love my missus to bits but I've never felt anything like I did waking from that dream. I can't really explain it.

    Anyway. Anyone else find that their emotions from some dreams/nightmares are much stronger than what they are in reality? I suppose it could be that in reality I've never lost anyone that close to me so am capable of these emotions in real life. ******* freaked me out anyway. Emotions are for homs.

    Anyone else ever found the same or got any weird dream stories?
  2. You'll find odd things happen in a hypnopompic or hypnagogic state.
  3. I had a recent dream whereby I asked my dad to look after my new dog for the day and agreed to meet him at bingo later that night. Anyway later on (during the dream) in walks my dad to the bingo venue swinging the pup by its tail and then dropping it from a great height onto the floor with a sickening thud, breaking around 4 of its ribs. The dog was writhing round the floor in agony.

    At this point I woke up in a cold sweat and mild panic and put it down to one too many cokes and cheesy Wotsits before going to bed that night.
  4. The Falklands in 1990, whilst doing a settlement week long patrol, we stopped at an ISO container in the middle of no where (west falkland), went to sleep and had the worst dream ever, I was at a funeral and the coffin was mine, my wife and kids were there looking into the hole in the ground, I can remember saying to them that I was there and that I was OK but no response from them, I woke up crying and sobbing, I had to mask this with coughing and sniffing as if I had a old. I went outside and the emotion from it was unbelievable, I have never experienced that ever again. It still freaks me out even now.
  5. Yeah, it's ******* mad isn't it? I never have emotions like that in everyday life. Never.
  6. I had one really weird one once.

    I was home with the flu and tool a nap after lunch. I had a dream that a younger friend called. She is Canadian had once been my son's regular babysitter 4 days a week while she was in univ. She is sort of the daughter we never had. In the dream she called to say that "the baby is sick, can you come and help me" Her then toddler son Liam is our Godson. In the dream the wife and I flew to Ontario, took a cab to the hospital and found her and asked her what was wrong with Liam, she was crying and said she wanted us to watch Liam as her new baby was dying and she needed to be with the baby. I then awoke from the dream crying.

    Not that night but the following night she actually called us in tears to tell us that she had had a miscarriage the previous day. In talking I discovered that she was having a miscarriage at the same time I was having the strange dream. It still seems spooky to me. I had always thought that ESP was a crock of sh*t. Never had anything else like this before or since. Maybe it can only happen when people are very close and this gall is like family
  7. Had a very vivid nightmare during my Lynx convex course, in which I was sat outside a pub in Wallop village watching a Jet Provost flying past, when it rolled inverted and the pilot fell out. In my nightmare I heard the poor bastard scream all the way down. I managed to blag the next day off on some pretext or other. It was about this time that an accident occured to one of the first JPs on the civvy register, when a pax went out through the canopy still strapped into an inert ejection seat.
  8. One wierd dream i had .

    I woke up in a foul mood with our lass, normally i am like a labrador, i wake up happy each day, however on this morning i was fuming that we had had a row and she had went straight to sleep as if nothing had happened! I had woke up in the night so angry i couldn't get back to sleep. I ignored her all day,my mood was made worse because she was acting as if nothing had happened.

    I was livid with her to the point i was going to go back to camp, in the end she asked what was up and i told her and she had to tell me we hadn't argued at all.

    I just can't believe how angry i was with her, i mean really really angry to the point of hating her and yet we hadn't argued and nothing was playing on my mind to make me want to argue with her. Wierd
  9. A few weeks after my brother died (far too young) he reappeared in a dream and said goodbye. I have never been so shaken (and yet also, in a curious way, reassured) by any dream before or since.

    The memory of that dream will stay with me for ever.
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  10. Soon after having broken up rather acrimoniously with a girlfriend, I had a dream/nightmare in which she was in great (albeit unspecified) danger. It's the only dream I've ever remembered, as I phoned her first thing the next morning to warn her about it.

    That night at work, she fell sideways across an open-topped steel rubbish bin. The edge of the bin drove between ribcage and pelvis and tore the top off the kidney.
  11. Without going into to much detail I've been a bit of a naughty boy recently.

    Last week I had a dream that I'd been caught red handed and as previously mentioned awoke bathed in sweat and panicking like ****. It was bloody horrible and I must say it put the shit up me something cronic.

    Like Fally, I'm not overly emotional so I was shocked. I'm also a bit of an idiot so regardless of this prophecy I'm carrying on but have constructed a nice little cover story should it go pear shaped.
  12. I have frequent and very vivid dreams. They are occasionally disturbing and I have the odd thematic one - variations on not having done any preparation for an exam/test being one.

    We have toddlers at the moment and no sleep is particularly restful - this may mean that I spend more time in the REM state and are dreaming more.
    I sometimes find that I wake very tense and the action of waking results in an increased pulse and a my brain spins up the pulse drops and the muscles relax.

    If I have a day that is physically and mentally unchallenging I know the brain will want to let off steam at night.
    I try and ease myself into sleep by reading something pretty unchallenging or familiar in the final ten minutes before switching the light out.
    If you find you are having a heavy dream night something like syndol (taken sparingly) seems to get you past REM sleep and into deeper waters.

    It is also possible to learn techniques to identify that you are dreaming without waking yourself up. I've done this a few times and the logic of this is that you are able (in theory) to shape the dream and its outcomes. Quite an interesting experience.
  13. I was a slightly naughty boy once (albeit while single, therefore not uber-naughty but the then GF took a different view). Then I saw Fatal Attraction and changed my ways sharpish.
  14. Without being too Freudian, sounds like an anxiety dream. Not facing any major life changes at the moment by any chance?
  15. emotions are not for Homs ! they are the engineroom of the psyche.. they are what drive us. Without emotion nothing would get done, we would not be motivated to do anything.

    Anyhow, your kid will die.. at some point, its guaranteed, of course we all will die. I just hope that he/she soes not die as a kid, but as a very old person at peace with themselves. I call myself Detmold padbrat on here... Im a total civvie ! but Im here because I am familiar with a lot of it, not the soldiering/weapon stuff...I havent a clue about any of that.. but the everyday things as some of them reminds me of my dad and when I was a kid. in Germany.(Im also here for the poo stories, naturally ) Now,figuratively, that kid had to "die" in order for me to be sat here typing this guff, as an adult, transformation and change being nessesary for life.

    The classic Freudian/Jungian psychoanalysis of dreams is that they are the unconcious mind speaking to us. It is important to realize that this unconsious is kept repressed, so that we can function within the norms of our society, we cant have sex on demand when we feel like it, for example, but have to repress those urges. When we dream, this repressed unconcious surfaces, and the symbols and themes of it are articulated into a narrative sequence in the dream. Much of it does not make any sense to our rational waking selves, but it does not need to be interpeted literally, because dream logic is not the same as waking logic.

    Thats just 1 school of thought. Then again, you might be a mentalist. :)