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Dream sheet; rifles specifically


I know from serving friends and other threads on Arrse that when choosing which battalion you want to go to, you get a choice of 3 and I'm aware that the Army isn't a democracy and if needs be you get posted where the Army need you most.
I'm hoping to go to 1 or 4 Rifles but was interested in the experiences of other riflemen who have been through ITC and posted as to whether they got their first choice or not. As said; I know I could end up in E'burgh or Ballykinler or even Germany and that'll be that but ideally I'd prefer Chepstow or Bulford.

Thanks in advance

Two totally diffrent characters to 1 & 4 in their whole attitudes, mostly as a result of their historical lineage. Dont worry about the location though as you will bed in with the guys you work with and soon learn wherever you are there are some who like it and others dont. Edinburgh is great as it must be one of the closest cities to a major camp - £1.20 on the bus to the Grassmarket and all the drinks/women/clubs you could want. Of course if you're a gerodie you will just go home on Friday like most of them! Ballykinler can be a pain to get back from and its expensive to go on the piss in Belfast but accomodation is good and no charges for food. Paaderborn has some great nights out and even though its been cut LSA is still there plus duty free fags.

Reality is you will be sent to either be a BCR (thankfully less likely than it was a couple of years ago), to backfill after the tour (when everyone signs off) or in advance of the next one (when everyone signs off because they dont want to go again) so you could end up with any!
Thanks for that S_T_A; In short then I'll just get posted wherever the spaces are. Fair enough.

unless you're a raving homo.
Shhhhhhh Smudge I'm trying to keep that quiet from the wife, she wouldn't be very understanding!

Her indoors is the reason I'd prefer to be based in the afore mentioned places. She's just got a new contract with her job working in Berkshire and wants to stay local to where she works, my thinking was Chepstow/Bulford are just a "quick" trip across the M4, hence why I wouldn't mind get posted there
I know a bloke who's ex-MOD Plod and he worked around Bulford and to be fair he didn't give it a glowing report and I admittedly know nothing of Chepstow.
As said, it's more there location in regards to getting home that's my main consideration not the other important considerations such as; the night life, the local clunge, price of beer etc

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