Dreadful parent - any point calling the police?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Woman's just moved in down the road. 2 kids - boys of 4 and 18mths. She regularly lets them out alone and the elder child bugs off and leaves the younger one to his own devices. Each day when I'm home from work this little fella is walking up and down the pavement and even in the road - today on our drive he was about to touch the exhaust on my motorcycle which would've been horrific. Upshot - seemingly the mother doesn't care.

    Last week, my 7 yr old lad had some rough play with the 4yr old so she took the boy's bike. I soon got that back but the situation wasn't helped when I realised that this lady is from South Africa and so is my wife. They're from different political and skin hues and my wife now refers to her as "that bloody maid." I reckon I'll phone the Elderly William next time but is there any point? Any plod around the NAAFI this evening?
  2. just tell the 'maid' to footsack (pardon to any Boers for the spelling).

    That or ask for her pass papers!
  3. A call to the Social Services could be in order.

    As long as it's a genuine concern and not a cheap shot due to your wife falling out with her, then it's valid.

    No child should suffer abuse or neglect - at least if social services are made aware of the situation they can at least make an attempt to monitor it.

    I expect that would be the advice of the plod too.

  4. Bitch and a half I reckon, better keep the poor we dude away from your motorbike, if he burnt his hand his mother
    would probally care so much about him she would sue you, for your house and everything you one :?
  5. MB is right. You're not 'dobbing her in' you have genuine concern that the child is suffering neglect. Keep a note of dates and times (seen wandering about etc) so when she says 'its all spiteful nonsense' you point to yer notes.

    No joy from the Social? (not SS for nothing) Call the cops, and get it on the CAD/despatch record. Then its on their records too. Go round with them (affecting a concerned neighbour face) and see what her living conditions are like, and make a fuss. The cops will have to remember it. Take numbers. Be prepared for some poor personal admin, but as long as the kids are clean and eating, it could all be ok. Sounds noddy, but how Shoite will you feel when the ambulance pulls up, and all anyone can say is I wish I bothered...

    Now, was'nt there a Goverment policy about this?
  6. How many times have I seen an example of this, just a part of Britains failing society I`m afraid. Phone the SS and the plod, don`t feel guilty about it, it`ll either save a nippers life or save you from being sued when he burns his hand on your bike. :roll:
  7. Shop her to plod AND Social Services!
  8. You know what - I can't believe I actually had to think about this. It's the original no brainer. I'll get in touch with the SS tomorrow, anonymously or otherwise but I'll do it. Cheers folks - you've stiffened my resolve.
  9. The plod would just pass it onto Social Services.

    I would give them a call and let them know the situation

  10. Let us know what(if anything) happens
  11. So you were the one who came up with that goverment slogan of "Stop moaning and take action", how very naive, take the responsibility from the parent and pass it onto everybody else, nice one 8O
  12. So wrong old chap, any adult regardless of what culture or country they come from can see the amount of traffic or hazards their offspring will face merely by standing outside their own place of residence, its part of being a parent no matter what race, creed, colour or religious persuasion you are. :) (now sitting still :D )
  13. What you don't want to do is to be suspected by her of having dropped her in it. The last thing you want is a battle with the neighbours as no bugger wins when it gets down to that level. The way to avoid this is to report the matter to the police and tell them that the next time you see it happen that you will phone them. They can then 'discover' the incident whilst 'patrolling' your patch. They will take it up with the mother and it may stop there with a warning that any subsequent occurence will be dealt with involving Social Services. She may herself fall into the category of 'neglect' in relation to the care of her children , which could result in criminal action being taken against her. This all sounds a bit sneaky, but as you say she is from a different culture and may be genuinely unaware of the rules. and if it can be resolved with a warning and some education, then alls well that ends well.
  14. Aye, biccies, agree with all that. I'll go down the anonymous route is that's feasible but I WILL do something.
  15. With most LA there is a number that you can ring anonymously, if no action takes place then PM me, I will give advice