Drayson lies over IR equipment in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Private Eye has a special section in the current issue devoted to defence. I don't have a link, but a summary is below:

    As we all know, Sgt Brown of 45 Commando stuck his head bravely above the parapet (whilst still in uniform) after the tragic death of Marine Gary Wright in an October suicide bombing attack. Sgt Brown stated that there was a lack of "Vipir" IR thermal imaging sights, which can be used to identify possible concealed explosives. He stated that his company had 3 sets and required 25.

    This story was run by the Mail, and picked up by other journalists.

    Enter Drayson, Labour donor and corporate benefactor of this government, who subsequently appeared on the BBC's World at One programme. He claimed - when challenged over the issue raised by Sgt Brown - that 1,400 sets of night vision goggles were being sent to Afghanistan. As most who use this site will know, NVGs are a different piece of kit entirely and operate by amplifying available light, and are not infra red thermal imagers.

    Drayson's lie was helped by the technical ignorance of the BBC interviewer, who let Drayson get away with his fib.

    Drayson is a liar and his lies will cost lives and damage the reputation of the British Armed Forces. I read this Private Eye article two days ago and was incensed. What has driven me to fury now is the reported incident of a crowd shooting following a suicide bomb attack. The details of such an alleged incident should not be discussed on this website whilst the allegation is under investigation or subject to judicial proceedings. Nevertheless, it is clear that the lack of suitable equipment and the sheer mendacity of this government is directly contributing to the threat to British Forces and will be constraining the tactics that can be used. If preventable deaths arise because of the lack of equipment, I would hope (but doubt) that Drayson is summoned to subsequent coroner's inquests or courts-martial.

  2. Mr PVR'd I suggest you arrange for a PQ to be asked to verify the info. If you need a contact PM me. It sounds like Drayson chose to answer a different question to the one that was asked. He was not necessarily lying. Maybe Drayson could ask the Iranians to hand back the thermal imaging devices we have already given them. Sums this Govt up, British Army and Royal Marines short of equipment, equipment that has been given to a hostile foreign Govt.
  3. Drayson was lying; the question was over the issue raised by Sgt Brown. Drayson gave an unconnected answer and then, when the interviewer asked "as far as you are concerned, there's no shortage" Drayson replied "no there isn't". Answering a different question is a standard Liabour lie.

    I would love to have a PQ asked but my MP is a fried Mars Bar eating Buckfast swilling Liabour Tartan Mafia lickspittle! :twisted: I imagine others who live in constituencies with more independently-minded MPs will take this issue further. Alternatively, the Commons Defence Committee could take an interest and haul in Drayson for one of their periodic grillings.
  4. http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/patrick_mercer/newark

    Ex CO etc may be of more use!
  5. That's perfectly fair, but everyone here knows that this is not the action of a man of courage or integrity.

    Perhaps the problem for all of us is having such high expectations of these morons. If we accept that dissimulation, half truths and not answering questions honestly and openly is acceptable behaviour, then we are in uncharted territory.
  6. My dear Mr PVR'd, Lord Drayson's lies are not a new thing to these web pages....


    Quite how the man manages to look himself in the eyes each morning before shaving, I do not now but a bigger liar I you would be hard pressed to find... He has blood on his hands.

    I have yet to read the latest Eye - mine comes via the Diplomatic Bag and I have yet to pick it up. Their chap/ess who monitors the MoD is quite sharp - see http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=52184.html - any more on this in the latest edition?

    Yours aye,

  7. I have sent a copy to Patrick. He was in the same regiment. Let us see what happens.