Drawing the line

This country appears to be over run with assylum seekers. You have to ask yourself where are they going to draw the line.

I was in the off license the other day and was looking at the bottles of sherry. Just then an assylum seeker walked in and asked me, "Can you recommend a good port"?

I looked at him momentarily and answered: "Yes, Dover, now fcuk off"!!

So where should they draw the line with the influx?


I reckon you are fibbing
Not quite coz I reckon I was joking, but you were close!!!

Oh, and I fell for it like a big buffoon...

Pray forgive me, I see the joke now and have been wheezing and chortling since the early hours.

Its just when you said that you were in the off licence, I mistakingly thought that you were in the off licence..... silly me.
No I wasn't in the off license. I was in the off license.

Nice place Dover though. I hope the guy got there okay!!

The same guy threw a sheeps head through the off license window. I asked him what he was doing and he said it was a Ram Raid!! :D



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