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this is for the Chilwell boys really:

Looking for a drawing register for both current tasks and then a published drawing log. Just the headings etc and any tips on how it runs. cheers for anything that can add some real guidance tot he obvious.

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I'd have a table set up with the project name, drawing title, drawing number, version number, version date, signing out and signing in.

The main thing is to keep tight control of the drawings; as in whoes got hold of them. Only have one copy of each drawing version as it can cause real confusion if there are multiple ones floating about. Archive the original drawings with the ammendments on as when you come to do your ISO 9001 internal audit you can use these to prove your checking process.

The full drawing log goes in the TIR in the front pages after the list of annexes.

Hope this helps.

I'm outside PMing in a Civ Eng contractor. I'm embarrassed to say I've got quite a good excel register for design development. Happy to send you format if you PM me details.

If you're looking to control existing drawings, then Plant Life's comment to add columns for sign-out is a good one. Log all your changes and be very careful of uncontrolled copy; it's the road to multiple NCRs/defects.


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