draught proofing a roller garage door – suggestions/ideas

Discussion in 'DIY' started by CDT_Dodger, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Looking to take on a mini project before the winter nights creep in to keep the wind out of the garage.

    Its a standard size garage with roller door and internal door into the house. Large gap along the top of the roller plus small gaps down each side where the roller meets the wall.

    Any ideas on what to do or were to find materials would be great. I have found sites selling some kind of long brush that you cut to size so if anybody has used this method let me know if its worth it.

  2. Brush seals are about the only type of seal that's going to be anything like effective on a roller shutter.

    Google "brush seals" for suppliers.

    Don't expect them to be cheap, particularly if you want them to last.

    Have you considered the cheaper alternative of fitting a curtain behind the door?
  3. Once did the same with an old carpet. Had to be heaved in and out of position but it did the job.
  4. Get a giant stuffed furry snake and lob it behind the door.
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  5. If you dont use it for a car brick it up and stick a door in.

    You will have to cut out to sink the footing in but the brick work will tie in with a stainless wall strip that screws on and folds out to sit between the blocks, if you want to heat it you would have to line it out with celotex/kingspan backed plaster board though and put a ceiling in with insulation board as well.
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    oh this is easy just fit a set of upvc patio doors behind the roller and box in the top - job done :)
  7. We did that at the workshop and it does work, still doesn't keep them out if they carjack the door open though.
  8. Phone Everest. They've got a sale on at the mo...
  9. Doesn't your door have rubber seals on the outside of the channels?

    I adjusted my door, (undo the bolts holding the rollers and pull the door tight into the frame before retightening), and after a bit of faffing, it closes preety airtight now.
  10. When you say "roller" door, do you mean an "up & over" door?

    If so long brush strip will do up the sides and a rubber strip along the base. All available from B & Q etc.
    We use it all the time for pest proofing purposes.
  11. Brush seals are the way Grasshopper!:salut:
  12. Build a large retaining wall, complete with roof and PVC windows & doors around your garage.