Drastic Reduction Plan for the French Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. According to this very well documented French website


    a total of a dozen French army battalions should be disbanded between 2008 and 2012, including 3 arty Bn (ADA, MLRS, 155 mm SP guns) and 3 Engineer Bn.

    A number of other units should be relocated in order to create bigger "super garrissons" (rings a bell ?) of at least 1,800 soldiers each with the aim of saving money.

    The journalist is close to official defense circles and his sources are generally very good.

    Other aspects of the plan, not mentionned in the article are rumoured to be the mothballing of 2/3rd of the Leclerc MBT fleet IOT save money.

    All this in a period of intensive foreign deployment and just before officialy sending an extra 1,000 soldiers to Afghanistan...
  2. or maybe it is Just April 1st !!
  3. This has been in the air for a long while and the subject of altogether abandonning 22 different garrissons with the associated side effects on local economy is I reckon too serious to be included in the list of April's fools tricks...but you never know.
  4. Has the fact that the French Army has gone fully professional meant that some of the bases may not be needed anyway?
  5. The French Army lost a fair few numbers when it went Fully Pro. These units may not be needed, nor there bases, as there is no one to put in them.

    Was it a two year term of service the French had?

    The French will whinge, because there is every chance some of the local communities will suffer. Just like in UK if a base shuts down. But more so, as the French bases will buy local produce too. Not like the contracted deliveries in UK.
  6. The things is that it's not the first such reduction plan. Some measures are good, like bringing down to the Bordeaux region the 13°RDP, the LRRP unit so it's closer to its brigade HQ and to SF helo support but many fear a global capability loss.

    Two big HQ (EMF 3 and 4) are apparently also going and the overall idea is to bring as many people back to operational jobs while externalizing as much support as possible. For example, it has been recommended to stop recruiting initial entry soldiers for support jobs for a while.

    What is sure is that between that plan and the deployment of 1,000 soldiers to combat arras in Afghanistan, we have a bit of a revolution coming to the army which has been used to peacekeeping missions for several decades with only SOF units doing the shooting.
  7. A Government wants to send its troops into battle without giving them the numbers or support to finish the job? Where have I heard that before ;-)? Sounds like Pres Sarkozy took a few pointers from Broon on the recent visit!
  8. A Government wants to send its troops into battle without giving them the numbers or support to finish the job? Where have I heard that before ;-)? Sounds like Pres Sarkozy took a few pointers from Broon on the recent visit!

    EDIT: Bl**dy Double post, doh!
  9. Sounds like your heading down a certain paths trod by the British Army.

    Getting away from peacekeeping should be popular now the Army is Pro, who the fcuk wants to stag on under a blue beret in the arrse end of nowhere with the UN saying you cannot shoot under any circumstances.
  10. Isn´t that because the French were reluctant to commit their conscripts in to battle, and thus sent only volunteer units such as the FFL in to battle where they may actually be killed?

    That bit is merely the spreading of the burden, now the conscripts are safely out of the way. And the French Mothers wont storm the Bastille, if their children volunteered for service and were killed/wounded rather than if they were forced.
  11. I see a situation in the no too distant future where several nations in Europe have downsized thier armed forces and someone will say 'our military is too small on its own to be effective.... lets have a single european army'. If that were going to happen, firstly each nation would need to downsize.......
  12. Never happen mate, look at that FrancoGerman Brigade nonsense, they cannot even agree when to get on parade
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The French historically had conscription from the days of post Algeria this was reduced to 12 months, they always maintained that French trops could only fight on French soil, (Algeria had its own Department number and was classed as France) so often the Legion and Colonial regiments served in such salatious trouble spots Indo China, Korea, Chad etc. This allowed the French Army to be very European war orientated even if for 12 months at a time. It also meant that the combat experience stayed in the colonial and legion units.
  14. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    In the short term and maybe even the medium term but it is coming and for certain things I have to say, makes sense.

    Now before you start, I am no supporter of the grand Euro dream, far from it in fact but in matters of defence there might be some areas where it makes either to pool resources or do some hard headed work share. Lets look at depth maintenance, or logistics.

    Defence equipment inflation is very real and prety soon if we follow the paths we are treading we will have one ship, one tank and one aircraft, each costing 10 billion quid but hey, they will represent a leap forward in capability :)

    I am not saying there would be some considerable problems to overcome, the biggest being national pride and jockying for position, but as a sesnible way to stretch out finite defence budgets it may have some merit
  15. Just goes to prove you can never trust the French!