DRASH Argh!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by greenmachine, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Has Anyone got any opinions on DRASH (think it stands for Direct Rapid Assembling Shelter Housing) if you have been to 3 div in the past few years you will know what im talikng about its the worst Mobile Headquarters in the woruld and with it under our wing stops us from doing our lovely operators jobs. p.s DRASH sucks.
  2. Deployable Rapid Assembly SHelter ;)

    It looks pretty and takes 1000's of litres in Diesel to power and heat :D
  3. You also need arms like garth to put the bloody thing up!
  4. Met the stuff when attached to a Field Hospital,

    It was ok, quick and dead simple to put up if you follow some simple SOP's ......

    1. Read the idiots guide printed on the tent

    2. Carry out SOP 1.

    Simple really, oh those pictures on the tent .... its the idiots guide in picture form for the errr, more challanged :lol: :lol: :lol:

    As said, quick to put up, min man power needed, dead simple.... if nursey can put the thing up...... 8O

    The heaters ? ... get the ones with a built in Genny if you can, not only do they heat it up, they also kick out enough wriggly amp thingies to power the lights, kettle, TV and play station ... Those neat Norweigen heaters/flame thrower things with the green hos'es were designed for use with DRASH which funny enough is Norweigen.

    If I remember right, the ones in Kosovo used up to around two to three cans of Desio per 24 hours, just swap out the can for a new one, no probs.

    Got fed up of the 3 can a day thing after the zillionth can and ended up 'finding' a plastic bulk fuel tank :roll: borrowed a fuel pump, traded some pipework and plumbed them in, thereafter just filled the tank weekly from the Pod when it came to fill the 3 Genny's.

    Did they have faults? yes, the doors are a pain, on the corners. and when packed they are heavy and awkward to move.

    Are they an improvement? ..... down to the individual really, personaly having used them both in Sierra Leone and Kosovo I would say yes but dont thro out the 18 x 24/48/72/90..... quite yet.
  5. Or a couple of QA's.... oh you said 'Garth' .... mmm QA ? Garth? yeah, ok I know, same thing really!!!!
  6. Really stands for


    Good bit of kit, shame about the trailers! Got to ISO containers. well done!!! :lol: