DRAs mission

Can anyone decode these MLAs for me?

To provide coherence across MOD DLoDs, through the provision of policy, direction and professional advice (including CAA&I) to the Army and Defence on Artillery, in order to sustain the delivery of military capability from the Land Component, both now and in the future

Defence Line of Development.


“….the responsibility for providing functional advice to the Chain of Command on the standards and legal context for the conduct of their activities”.

Weak google-fu. They were both the first results from google.co.uk. Perhaps you should've asked your PSI!
Defence Line of Development?
LAIT said:
I'd be impressed if a PSI would know this frankly - I am not sure it is that well known outside the Ivory Tower. :)
I wonder if this mission statement is contributing to that view?

LAIT said:
(And DRA is a top, top bloke in his defence. Not shy of getting the beers in.)
And writing your OJAR ;)

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