Drama at the doctors...help needed

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ArmyisMyDream, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I went to my local doc's today to pickup my 24 hr ambulatory blood pressure monitor only to find out that it isnt what i expected. I have been given a wrist monitor and a sheet to fill the results in at certain times. I then said that the army have asked me to use a proper 24hr one that does it automatically even while you sleep and they said that this is the only one they do. I have already sent off a letter saying my bp is fine from my doctor along with the average result to the medical wing at pribright which they replied to saying exactly : "We have also received a letter from your doctor, which we appreciate in relation to your blood pressure tests. Unfortunately this was not the information we required. We require you to undergo and provide us with the results of a 24hr ambulatory blood pressure monitor test and include full and complete details of the results to us". So i cannot see how these results will make any difference. I contacted my AFCO and they said to have another doctors appointment and explain, (which i already did last week with the quoted army letter) and the monitor i have been given is the only one which my surgery do.

    Sorry for the long thread but i am in need of advice

    what do i do to beat my defferal ad get back to selection


    all help appreciated
  2. Make louder noises?
    Try another doctor?
  3. GPs are crap in general. I would see if you could get referred to a specialist consultant.
  4. Oi, you Fuck off! Broad Sweeping statments with no rational argument or fact to back them up are my speciality. Get your own.

    Now whats wrong with GP's
  5. Especially in view of how bloody swamped they've been just lately! Jarrod is right Armyis!
  6. Fair enough :D .

    In that case, go somewhere else :)
  7. Try BUPA, you will probably have to pay for it to be done
  8. I suffer from "White Coat Syndrome" i.e. my BP goes up whenever I visit the surgery!

    My lot have the pice of kit you're on about, but there's usually a waiting list of a few weeks before I get to use it.

    I'd be surprised if your GP doesn't have one, as anyone suffering from hypertension is usually given this kit to do a 24-hour check. It goes off every 15 mins or so during the day and 30 mins at night when asleep.

    The medics then average out the readings and you can't cheat either!

    Have you spoken to the Practice Nurse?

    You should now ask Pirbright to supply you with the ambulatory monitor, explaining that your GP can't/won't give you the proper kit.
  9. yes i saw the practice nurse today and was given a wrist monitor and a sheet to fill in results every two hours for the rest of today and tommorow morning. She said that is the only one they do.
  10. GP Training

    1. Offer antidepressents or antibiotics.
    2. Finished. Pub!

    This is my "personal" experience of GPs at my own practice. They are clueless about so many things.

    They are the military barber of the medical world. No matter what you ask for or go in with you come out with the same. lol
  11. maybe they just don't like you??
  12. I therefore conclude you have mental health issues and a sh1t haircut.

    AIMD hope you get is sorted and good luck
  13. AFAIK wrist monitors are not paticularly accurate especially if you have paroxysmal AF (hopeless if you have permanent AF) or atrial flutter which makes the diastolic innacurate, because they use an oscillatory method of measurement (I don't know what this means, but it's what I've been told)

    Lloyds pharmacies do an upper arm cuff digital monitor that is described as 'clinically accurate' for a very reasonable £15. I've used one before going for check-ups/medicals and have got the same readings +/- 3 points cystolic/diastolic

    Holter or ambulatory monitors are pretty accurate I think.