Drain blisters?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by LJKennedy, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Just a quick one, as the title suggest should you drain blisters? Thanks

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  2. cut open with knife, fill with iodine , film it and put link on here
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  3. That's really a decision for a medic and done under sterile conditions. It also depends where the blisters are.
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  4. tinc benz for men
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  5. It's nothing major just on the inside of the foot due to training, never normally get them so needed some expert advice, and what is tinc-benz if you may be so kind?

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  6. See your GP or practice nurse.
  7. Okay thank you.

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  8. Do not become a DIY surgeon it takes a bit of knowledge to do such things.
  9. pin it and squeeze the juice out wack a bit of cream on you will be fine, well I havent got septicaemia yet
  10. Ideally all blisters should be left alone as opening them/popping them just allows infection in. The only time I drained a blister was in Belize when a ginger lad decided to go swimming with no sun cream on. He walked into the med centre hours later sporting the biggest pus filled blister I have ever seen on his upper arm. We drained and dressed it and kept it from the Doc, otherwise he would have been charged for a self inflicted wound - tit!! So unless it's a few inches in diameter, leave it.
  11. Thread a needle and run it through the blister, snip the thread off and leave it as a drain.
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  12. Yeah it's about two inches so I'll just leave it be, I want get back training as soon as possible and don't really want to risk infection and missing longer than necessary

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  13. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Needle, syringe, tincture of methiolate - when the screaming dies down wide extra sticky tape and dressing for padding - two pairs of socks.
  14. If its a big one and its stopping you train (ie its on your foot) then get a nurse to drain it. I had one go bad and the infection tracked up to my ankle preventing me from walking.
  15. Man up and use the needle and thread method. I've done it loads of times and my foot hasn't dropped off yet.

    Obviously you have to sterilise the needle by holding it in the flame of a butane lighter first. Like what real surgeons do.