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Dragoon Tactical Tight Fleece

I bought one of these a couple of months ago and have used it a fair bit, both on and off duty. These are an 'improved version' (knock-off) of the well known (and rather more expensive) Warmpeace Sneaker which are widely used by Danish soldiers of all branches.

Being a tight Scottish git, and somewhat unwilling to pay close to 150 quid for a thin fleece, the Dragoon model seemed like the perfect answer to a non-existent question, until forced by peer pressure and a sugar high caused by an overdose of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups I finally caved and pressed the add to cart button.


When it arrived, it did tick all the required boxes: Tactical, yes it's green. Tight, yes definitely, and stretchy too! Order a size bigger than usual though, unless you fancy having a green hooded corset. Fleece, yes-ish, though more micro-fleece-ish than anything else.

It's made of a fairly thin stretch fleece material, but even so it does give a fair bit of warmth. I've worn it over a thermo original shirt (pile norgie style shirt), and under our lightweight combat shirt/jacket in temperatures close to freezing without undue discomfort, and I imagine it would be pretty good for wear under an Arktis smock or similar in winter conditions. The hood is an okay fit, but to be perfectly honest I haven't really used it. It does however give you some warmth around the neck area, which means you don't really need to use a scarf/headover.

It has reinforcements on the shoulder and elbow areas, useful fold out hand warmer thingys, two large zipped pockets with internal mobile/cigarette etc. pockets, underarm zips for ventilation, and 3 patches where velcro backed patches can be attached if desired (one on each sleeve, and one for a name tape).

It can be used as a stand alone 'walking the dog jacket' if required, but look in the mirror before you leave the house. WARNING Do not use this as an outer garment if you have a beer gut!!

To sum up, it's not a bad option for a mid-layer garment for use in a temperate climate, but I think that the price tag of around 90 quid is still a bit steep. I got mine tax free, and therefore only paid about 60 quid, which I think is a more appropriate price.

I'd rate it at 7 or 8 out of 10!

I bought mine here: INF-Wear.dk

Many thanks for this. When I get back to a proper computer I'll ' promote' it into the reviews section....

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