DragonSkin body armor

Just watched a program about this body armour!!!! It showed all the tests and it proved better than the issued US body armour and weighed a lot less!

The US army decided before testing the stuff that they should ban it from being worn by its men. What the big wigs didn’t know was that their own body guards had bought and worn the stuff when in the BG role for a 3 star general??

If even the creator, Jim mcgee, of the Interceptor Armour agrees that the
DragonSkin body armour is BETTER, isn’t that saying enough about the product. :?

The guys who decide what armour the American soldiers wear are ex-members of the
company that makes the interceptor (current armor). So don't ask why this test is a
fake or why dragon skin doesn't get a chance at all. It’s just about money, not about
saving lives. Not even about winning a war. The American army and gobernment is too corrupt to win a war.

The CIA 8) said it was the dog’s nadds (my translation) and ordered it for their forward ops people!!

The dragon skin raps around the body and provides full protection around the body and not just a great lump back and front that we wear.

How about the MOD doing tests and getting us this stuff if it saves lives??????? :?:
Unfortunately Dragon Skin armour has been shown to suffer from reduced effectiveness in high temperature environments like Iraq in the summer.

The US Army decided not to buy it on that basis.

I cannot be bothered to do your googling for you but it is all out there.

Dragon Skin is good but not perfect. They themselves admitted that they needed to work on the temperature stability aspect.

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