Dragons, Nazi's, Samurai, and Chicks with Guns!!!


Bestest film everest.

Cannot Wait!




I saw this in Empire magazine a few months ago. It looks well weird. I'll probably watch it though.
The director is Zach Snyder who did the Dawn of the Dead remake, 300 and Watchmen so he can cut the mustard on the fantasy action front.
It will have to go some to beat Lesbian Vampire Killers


Book Reviewer
Bit pedantic but it's World War One...no Nazis
Being even more pedantic, yes there were, plenty of Nazis served in World War One, they just weren't called that at the time.
Bit pedantic but it's World War One...no Nazis
There were no zombies or 7 foot samurai with mini guns either mate. The key phrase here is 'fantasy movie'
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