Dragons Den for military kit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bradstyley, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. A large X, carefully applied to a voting paper, will greatly assist the armed forces.

    Not a new weapon, but very effective.
  2. it could be a VERY good idea.

    I have a couple of ideas, one for a new style of vtol UAV (patent pending) and one for a DPM pattern, which I would like to progress, but it is very difficult unless you have oodles of cash of your own.

  3. I suppose my gimbal-mounted cup-holder for off-road drink-driving isn't what they're after..any ideas for things the soldier as opposed to the MOD might want?
  4. reforming a 'Board of Ordinance' style permanent R+D/testing cadre should be first priority for the MoD.

    Brad, please check PMs.
  5. Dragons Den for military equiptment...Because the MOD can't do it them selfs!
  6. Staffed purely by currently serving members that does not have any Civil Servants on it's establishment! :wink:
  7. Ideally you want;

    rep from each service to advise on whether the idea may be useful.
    industrial expert(s) / engineer(s) to advise on feasibility of idea and to reccomend direction for the project.
    legal expert to sort intellectual property issues
    SERVING MEMBER AS CHAIRMAN with autority over the budget.
    NO ADMINISTRATORS should be involved until the basic idea and route forward has been defined.

  8. Done mate-sorry for any confusion caused!
  9. Done mate-sorry for any confusion caused!
  10. Done mate-sorry for any confusion caused!
  11. Not only that, but they should be allowed to test items, away from bidders/civil servants/MP's etc to see just how long it takes for things to break or require replacing in the field, plus testing battery life, how heavy the fecker is if it has to be carried, how many we REALLY need etc, etc.
  12. Actually, I think the idea of this is simply a means for individuals with an idea, which may have mil application, to put it forward. If its a good idea, this team can then fund the design and manufacture of prototypes for initial assessment.

    Detailed testing of equipment would come much later and should be the responsibility of a production management and assessment team.

    This team should simply be a means for joe blogs with a good idea, to put it to someone with money, who can judge if it may be useful. anything more, and it will drown.

  13. This could be worrying/amusing if they put it on tele.

    I was unfortunate enough once to meet a guy that had an Army Surplus stall he ran at a local carboot.

    Dead keen and warry guy, long rambo hair, cadet AI for 20 years, served in belize and even fired a bren gun once! (Yes, you can smell the bull poop).

    Anyway there he is, stood in US digicam BDUs with his long hair seeping through his GI cap. Why did I stop at his stall? He had a tub full of Army Issue socks for 50p per pair... bargin! The missus is always loosing my issued ones in the wash and you can never have enough socks!

    Bad mistake... really bad mistake. This guy leapt at me and engages in the worst 30 minute lecture I have ever received and that was 30 minutes of my life I will never... ever get back!

    Basically, he sold kit to people by day, and by night he was an inventor of military related items. Amongst his vast arsenal of inventions, most of which had been put in front of procurement specialists and rejected (he couldnt figure out why...) was a combat jacket with no pockets to save on weight because we all wear assault vests now so we don't need pockets!

    The same with trousers, no pockets needed as we all use drop-leg platforms! Think of the weight they save! Kevlar lined boots with full foot length sheets of steel pressed in the soles to reduce the injurys from a mine strike. And a special kind of coveralls that was windproof on the outside and on the inside lined with sown on goretex for the ultimate cold weather suit! (Again no pockets) I didn't ask how it was to tab in said cold weather suit...

    So yet, It will probably attract crack pots like this guy...

  14. Yes, there are a LOT of crackpot inventors. I have looked through a lot of patents (related to my uav design and another idea i have on the go) and there are huge quantites of patents where the only thought is "what was this guy thinking!!!".

    So yes, they will see quite a few nutcases, or worse, me!