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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LCPL_Bull, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. what do you think about this do you think its any good or just a handbag for gay soldiers[​IMG]?
  2. Hello Lcpl_Bull,

    personally I think they are a good bit of kit. We used to put our day sack at the top of our bergens which contained all our water, ammunition and some basic survival equipment (boil in the bag). If you are carrying a daysack then I would generally say that would do but if you are carrying a fair bit of weight in it and the C*ap really hit the fan then light and fast is good.

    We got taught it in Catterick many moons ago by an ex trooper and when I arrived at my regiment it was an SOP.

    I would go with the unit SOP in theatre but I know they are being employed in vehicles when under contact. All ammunition is centralized in a bag then picked up on the way out...makes sense to me.

    Check out ebay as I have found a guy who sells them for £9 and they are just as good as the Dragon supply ones that cost £54. The guy is called bidchart and he has some good feedback and other items worth a look.
  3. Mega kit mate... Get one. Really handy. Used to use a claymore bag but got one of these - even better!
  4. I just won't spunk £60 notes when you can get them a lot cheaper. Shopping around is the key for all modified/gucci kit.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    So you don't rate Dragon's Grab Bag much then ?

    For nine quid you won't be getting a milspec item.
  6. andit'lllet you down just when you really need it, I try to buy the best I can afford at the time, esp when it is a potentional(?) life saving bit of kit
  7. The man bag has an NSN now and is on general issue
  8. well do share please saves me dosh and I can get it excahnaged when I break it!
  9. Do you really need one in the ACF though? They're great kit but only if you have a need for them. Why not just buy some porn!

    T C
  10. I live just around the corner from Dragons and had hands on and I don't rate them for the price. The item I viewed on ebay is as good as it needs to be. It is the same size as the Dragon bag and just as many pouches for a great deal less of your beer tokens. The material for the £9 one is also American military material with with 1"mollie loops all the way around, Dragons does not have the Mollie loops.
  11. Just because it costs more doesn't make it better. Surplus shops take us for a ride these days. Someone at our unit bought Meindl boots a few weeks ago only to be issued them today...Unlucky. We were also issued the new Osprey over vest with 12 pouches (Uitilty pouches, waterbottle pouch, med pouch, grenade pouch, new camelbak and one of those helmet carriers) which is a fair bit of kit, better than spending nearly £150 on a Gucci rig that makes you look like a Yank.

    Dragon Item:

    " [url]http://www.dragonsupplies.co.uk/Site_ProductImages/316.jpg[/url] [img]"

    ebay item:

    "[img] [url]http://www.hottower.com/airsoft/AS211.jpg[/url] [img]"

    Help me out with posting the pictures. cheers
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Do you mean a texturised nylon ("Cordura") or a nylon packcloth ?
    Is it the same denier ?
    Even in the material feels the same, has it had the milspec waterproofing and IRR treatments ?
    Does the hardware have the correct thermal, UV and plasticity as the authorised items, and is the thread as strong (ie expensive) as that used on issue kit ?

    I can quite understand wanting to save beer tokens, but sometimes this is a false economy, ask the poor sods that were lured into buying Webtex vests.

    If you're near Dragon Supplies you'll know Troopers, they'll do the PALS/MOLLE system if you need it.

  13. Mil spec thread is generally bonded nylon it's proofed/treated , preventing rotting and it's strong and durable. and as cut said it's expensive!

    I'm sure it'll be worth every penny-You get what you pay for!
    £9 seems far too cheap to be even worth while!
  14. £54 is expensive when you get issued them...as blobmeister suggests.

    Does dragon use the material you describe and if so why is it still so expensive when they are running them off the machines like they have gone out of fashion?

    Also how many soldiers go into a surplus shop and inquire about the properties of the material especially IR?

    I feel your right and have some valid points but I know many people who have bought a mountain of Gucci kit without enquiring about its properties, plus they will be issued it for deployment.

    I think in this day and age Surplus stores are taking advantage and hiking up the prices for the current situation we are in. They do not offer us a price that is equal to the quality we get.

    Just for interest it is good to see that the military are listening to the lads from the shop floor up. We have been issued the new under vests for the osprey, Opsrey tactical vest (plus 12 pouches), Therma-rest, Meindl boots and other bits of kit to make us more comfortable. I would sooner be issued it than spend my money on it.
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Bloody right it's expensive ! Rather keep my dosh for beer & hooers than kit - as long as they are issued.
    On that, the GS manbags are a bit on the narrow side of thin when compared to other in-house makes, so if you need more room you'll have to buy one or get the issue item modded.

    I imagine they do use milspec materials if they're making it themselves - or getting them done in the UK.
    The material suppliers have their prices & stick to them unless someone buys a considerable amount. Offcuts can be obtained but a standard roll is 1,000 metres long - they'd have to be knocking out a hell of a lot of kit to buy more than a K at a time.

    Most that don't want to look like Blackpool Illums through En A/PNVDs I'd imagine. The pic below has two side pouches against a white background - W*bt*x on the left & an issue item on the right.
    Yet the firm continues to claim their kit is IRR... 8O

    Yeah there are always kitmonsters out there (no disrespect to the site user of that name :) ) but some people will always find ways to empty their own wallets.They're often the same blokes who 'need' the latest mobile, MP4 player or other gizmo.

    Definitely in some cases, though that's also got to be tempered with the cost of materials, time & ages for those involved - it's the FOGB mark-up that certain stores stick on that shaft us.
    Word of mouth is normally a pretty good indicator of quality and value for money, if in doubt ask.

    Aye, it's been interesting to see how procurement has speeded up over the last twenty-odd years, aided and abetted by a steeper rise in Op need. Or if one was being less than charitable to our 'principled' political masters one might believe that public opinion of cas had influenced their efforts to expedite matters and remain in power.
    To (mis?)quote Urqhuart, "You might very well think that... I, of course, could not possibly comment."

    Yep, when possible I've always invested mine.
    In beer & bints. :D