Dragon Load bearing Yoke

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gorilla, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone any experience of using these, as I'm tempted to buy one and having no experience of Dragon webbing dont want to end up buying something like webtex.

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  2. That looks very much like the old US issue LBV.

    How much are they charging for it?
  3. £60, according to the website it is based on the US yoke and can be tailored to an individuals specifications.
  4. A lot of SF boys use the U.S. yoke.....

    I guess the Colchester lads are doing the same?
  5. I got one of these a few months ago and have used it once over 2 days. In that time one of the QR release buckles has broke and the press studs are now shiny brass coloured rather than black. Dragon supplies this product is poorly made, a shame really as the design itself is good.
  6. I was first approached to make this item for dragon, the original version of it was the US version, re-made in DPM IRR. I came back to Dragon with a price, but they decided that it was higher then they wanted. They then decided to make it themselves.

    I belive that if you spoke to Dragon, and explained what you wanted, they would make it for you to order.

    I also belive that troopers make a version of an advanced yoke? That has side panels that will fit to it, making a version of an assault vest, that you can take on or off depending on the role requirment.