Dragon, Disciple or other?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tomo113954, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. I'm looking to get some stitched together webbing. There are quite a few makers on the market but I haven't had chance to get hands on. I'm thinking either Dragon, Disciple, Jayjays or Dixies Corner. I need proper rugged quality for soldiering and not some Chinese rubbish that looks ok but piles in at the 6 mile point of the AFT.

    Does anyone out there have any thoughts on the above makes? Pros and cons please,



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    Troopers in colchester do a good set of belt kit I would steal away from the dragons stuff. Or alternately troopers do a good job of stitching issued pouches together and change the clips etc.
  3. Stay away from dragon supplies unless you want to look like a massive crow/shitcunt

    JayJays are really good but expensive. Quality clips metal rings thick cordura etc.

    Disciple are ok but their MTP is really dark for some reason.

    To be fair, if you are in osprey get a battle belt and under armour yoke.
  4. I agree, get a belt and yoke off Boris, job jobbed! His built quality pisses on anything mentioned above. It can be built to your spec/design. I would give him a shout.

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  5. Cutaway

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  6. Boris, Boris, Boris!!
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  7. I've used Dragon webbing and its pretty good for what you pay for, however Dragon is seriously over priced.


    One of the clips broke first time out and I' not a fan of the nylon feel of the roll pin belt, but it does the job.

    Years ago I had some work done by Jay Jays (ammo pouches replaced on vest) and it was top notch work.
  8. Go for Jay Jays, Troopers or Dixies Corner if you want a custom belt-kit.

    As others have said, I'd stay away from the Dragon stuff.
  9. I may have mentioned before PM Boris, discuss your requirements, and get a custom made high quality rig/belt/vest at prices cheaper than the other suppliers above.
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  10. I have some dragon webbing And not had a problem with it although that saying when I have the cash I wouldn't mind getting some Dixie corner mtp webbing but they seem alot more expensive then dragon. I do like the look of the dragon burgan and patrol sack but yer they are pretty pricey

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