Dragon Colchester - Airborne webbing .....any good?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jonny36, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Dragon Colchester - Airborne webbing .....any good?

    Is it worth the money?
  2. No it's not worth the money, get it from Jayjays for £150 (well worth the money)
  3. Jayjays webbing is much more expensive.......why?
  4. I didnt buy webbing from them as a tight fisted sod but when I went down to their hanger at the industrial estate it looked good stuff and around the same cost. They also tailor in the store aswell (your issued kit if you wish) for about half the price. Lads I spoke to reckon its good quality but as said not done myself. They do have some good gear down there though IMHO.
  5. Because it isn't made from one single layer of cheap material, like Dragon's. Jayjays has the contract to both waterborne and Land 'Them', the belt kit is made to measure with the quality/durability of the issue pouches. Couldn't recommend it enough, my set is a class purchase (I do however, have a Trooper's Yoke attached to it £90ish)
  6. Though a 2 week waiting list I have gone for Dragon. I wil post my findings when I recieve the webbing.
  7. I now have a set of the Dragon Airborne webbing which looks OK, though I have not seen any of the competitor webbing so I cannot compare.

    I can post a close up picture though if anyone is interested?
  8. Anyone used the Dragon Patrol Yoke yet?
  9. I've got some Dragon Supplies webbing, it's good stuff, i know a few lads were using it in afghan and are still using it. Haven't used the JayJays stuff so can't really compare the two