Dragon and Defender take to the sea for trials

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 13, 2012.

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  2. I remember a Navy News article from around 1998 when the 45s were still a concept. They talked about nozzles all over the ship that could cloud the ships in a mist to cloak it from missiles etc, hiding the thermal signature. Any ideas if such a system has been employed?
  3. HMS Duncan?!?! Stupid name.

    Is that going to be crewed by women only?
  4. [Wah shield up]

    Duncan: Not only the name of a character in 'the Scottish Play' based on an actual Scottish king of the same name but also of seven ships of the Royal Navy since 1804, all named after Admiral Adam Duncan, 1st Viscount Duncan of Camperdown and hero of the Battle of Camperdown (11 Oct 1797) in which the British captured eleven Dutch ships without suffering a single loss.

    [Wah shield down]
  5. We haven't had an HMS Fairy for a while.
  6. All big warships will have that but it's to protect against contamination in areas affected by fallout or chemicals. The fallout hits the water and is immediately flushed over the side instead of sticking to the ship.

    What are these two fitted "for but not with" then. Would they have a Harpoon launcher between them? No? They're a bit buggered then if they are attacked by another ship.
  7. As in how?
  8. Oh the age old "fitted for but not with" question! Have any Matelots got int on where we stand on that one?
  9. ASM threats? SSM threats? T45 has those covered, ASW? Embarked Merlin perchance?
  10. Could always beg the septics for a couple of these as a gift to the next Prime minister.

  11. It fires small bits of rail?
  12. T45 are indeed fitted for but not with a lot, although they are now slowly getting the Phalanx fits, they do have the ASTERS and the 4.5". They have much space for TLAM or Harpoon - although I doubt we'll see them getting TLAM as then they could carry rather more than an SSN and of course the sundodgers can't be having their party piece nicked by us sun bronzed adonis-like surface sailors, now can they? ASW... well, yes, the Merlin is pretty much the only option although the RN still maintains the policy of DDG - AAW, FFG - ASW.

    Eventually they'll turn into very capable warships. If we have a war where they need to be upgraded i'm sure they will be. After one's been sunk, of course.
  13. Are you talking about the pre_wet system to prevent chemicals settling on the upper decks which all ships have or the smoke machines that some t23's have?
  14. Damn! They've deleted the ability to shoot down a cricket ball travelling at Mach 3!

    This angular shape, coupled with the Sea Viper missile system, which can take out incoming missiles and aircraft at ranges of up to 75 miles (120km) away, give it world-leading defensive capabilities.
  15. SOI, I believe the original capability was to TRACK a cricket ball at Mach 3, not shoot it down.