Builds Dragon 1/700 scale Tirpitz

funnel in, just the boat houses to go and some tiny kit parts like lights, Machine guns, PE and then it's camo time.
Should think so .Shame about Tyrrell although Mercedes F1 are descendents .One for the F! thread.
My old man was on the pop one Saturday night. "can anyone give my son a lift into town?'
Next thing, was a teenage Rid and a chap going round corners quick, while having a conversation... "so, where are you at school?' at 100mph.
In a 635 csi.
the PE instructions are not integrated into the main instruction sheet, so I guess they are an added upgrade, they have their own separate instruction sheet which is a bit naff, as the PE could have been added during the building process rather as an after though. but they do look good.


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