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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by GunnySonics, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone give me any tips on the following:-

    For the last 8 weeks ive been doing quite a bit of fizz (going on an exchange to the paras soon) and now I feel like im dragging my arse around like an old tired dog.
    Ive been working out about 2 hours a day, which consisits of running 5 miles, cycling 5 miles, 2000 meters on the rower and then upper body weights.
    Ive been resting every weekend, taking glucosamine & creatine ive cut out the booze, not a smoker, getting 8 hours kip every night, living like a f@cking padre at the moment and yet i feel shagged every morning, almost needing an airstrike to get me out of my rack.
    Im 34 and been a bootneck for the last 12 years so fizz is nothing new to me so im looking for some tips without visiting the camps bronze adonis' down the gym? :x
  2. Why not incorporate a rest day in the week aswell. I train Mon, Tue, Rest Wed, Train Thur and Fri. That seems to work for me, Are you eating enough carbs and protein as you training quite hard?
  3. Im eating loads of carbs pre training session and taking my amino's too. I think i may need to visit a physio :(
  4. Could be you're over doing it. Try giving it a break for a couple of days and just generally rest. 2 days of no fizz is not going to knock your fitness in any way plus the rest will do your body the world of good.
  5. LOL! You are overdoing it massively! I'm not surprised you are hanging out!

    Change your program as well. Instead of gurning your way through that lot, try-

    monday - 10 000m row- 24 SPM, achieve a 2.10m/500m split (do it in the morning) - then nothing else for the rest of the day.
    tues - 6 mile steady state run morning, upper body weights evening
    wed - rest (lets the muscles build from the session the previous day)
    thurs - cycling in the morning (max 50 minutes using heart rate monitor), weights evening.
    friday - 8 mile SLOW run.
    sat - rest
    sun - 30 minute run with intervals.

    You will get the same benefit without taking years off your life! you may think it is too easy to start with but at the moment you probably aren't improving as you aren't giving your body time to rest and rebuild muscle.
  6. cheers ars1 ill give that a try :D

    Will post progress dit after a week
  7. Suggest also - Fri evening - Go to pub, drink 10 pints of Guinness. Tastes grand. You won't get any fitter but you won't give a f..k either
  8. A 8 miler would be better on the sunday as opposed to the 30 minute fast run. Long slow runs are always good at the end of the week.
  9. Take a break royal, your performance will leap up with rest, train smart not hard

    If you are standard bootneck you'll be fine any hoo!
  10. As said previously mate, have a rest day mid week. I train 3 days on 1 day off mixing running, tabbing, cycling, weights and circuits and I need that rest day mid week to let my body recover.

    If your an ex- booty I'm sure your diet is squared away, but unless your looking to lose weight, Id also opt for a 70/30 split of Carbs/Protein for a predominantly CV based phys schedule.

    Personally Id cut out the Creatine too. Great for hard gym sessions, but cack for running and cardio work!! Before anyone jumps on this - I know Creatine is not cack for everyone, but for a cardio dominant program I found it had a negative effect on my performance. Im assuming you cycle creatine (3 months on 1 month off) so do you notice a difference on your
  11. I´m not an expert on sports science, but the last time I had a thorough check up, my creatine level was way over the limit. I keep myself reasonably fit and the doctor said that this was down to the body´s natural production of creatine with hard exercise. Can some one explain why you would want to take creatine supplements?
  12. Im no expert mate but I believe it re-generates ATP in your muscles, which in turn allows them to perform for longer, during periods of high intensity training. In other words, you can lift more weights for longer periods of time, resulting in more gains!!!
  13. I would bin the creatine. You retain a bucket load of water and it is all weight that has to be carried. It also changes "the locus of causality" (as they say in the research paper), in other words, people report feeling a bit kind of distanced from the working limbs - your arm or leg doesn't feel like yours.

    You might be a bit aneamic. How red do the lines on your hands look, or the blood vessels under your eyelids? Loads of pounding destroys red blood cells. How much high quality (animal source) iron is there in your diet? Veggies can get a load of iron by taking something like orange or grapefriut juice with their main meal - the juice acts as an oxidant and dramatically increases the availability of non-animal source iron.

    Once you are fit the evidence is that you can retain it with very high intensity short interval sessions, so you could probably do less.

    Mind you, sometimes with gruelling sessions you kind of come through the other side and start feeling okay again.
  14. Excuse my ignorance (I think this might be a stupid question), but is dark red better or worse?
  15. And you would know this how exactly?

    For a 15 year old schoolboy you really waffle some shite.