Hi, Im currently at gib barracks and just changed my trade to draftsman.

To any draftsman out there, what type of draftsman would you recommend? design, electrical and mech ect...

What are the positives and negatives and what are the job prospects after the army with the different jobs...

Doesn't really matter, in a pinch E&M, but you'll only end up doing menus and seating plans if you're in a Regiment regardless of trade
silver-shadow said:
e and m, you get the same quals as a design draughtsman, but the course is alot less bullshit and needless all nighters

could you please elaborate?
You get the same level of qualification regardless of if you are design or E & M. E & M's get used as design most of the time because there simply isn't enough e & m work to keep them going.
i was just wondering why the DD course is so much worse
It's not as far as I'm aware. Neither course is particularly easy but I wouldn't say that the Design Draughtsman course is overly bullsh1ty.


the DD course is alot of bullshit alot of the lad work till the very early hours of the morning trying to get work done! on the other hand E & M dont work late as the staff dont overload the course or give imposible deadlines! E and M is the way forward and many of my drafty mates wish they had chose E & M.
iv got 4 weeks left on the 0-2 course pm me if you wanna no anything else.

Tape x
so... E&M is the way forward because you have more time off?
So you should choose E & M purely because it's easier? Whilst there might be more work involved design draughtmen do get used a lot more than E & M becuase there is a lot more construction/civil engineering work out there. 2 out of the 3 draughties who deployed with us are E & M and they are having to pick quite a lot up very quickly.


no its easyer because the course has been structured better! E & M can also do DD work how ever Design Draughtmen can not do our job... we can also stream onto to different clark of works courses (Electrical & mechanical) DD's can only do one (construction). however early nock offs are a big plus!
I would dispute that. E & M is straight lines and symbols. Anyway, you say you can do a DD job, if you are a class 2 E & M go and design me a single storey building. Oh that's right, you can't!

Anyway, before you start going about doing 2 Clk Wks courses plumbers can also do C & M and Planties can do C, M and MPF.

Also DD know how to spell easier correctly. If you want to become a Clerk of Works learn how to spell Clerk correctly you mong.
Don't be sorry, just don't do it again.

The DD course is structured in a set way. You have to know about foundations before you go onto walls, you have to have your walls before going onto roofing etc. A logical sequence etc. That's the reason behind it.
Just putting my tuppence in, and take it with a pinch of salt, the all nighters for the DD are there to ensure that they can work to very demanding deadlines\fast balls and get the detail correct. We are not talking civvy construction but out in the sandpit type work.


and just to say by early knock offs i mean 4 as apposed to half 4...
It's all about maintaining standards. Knowing the military DD SSgt I know he won't lower the standard. You've got to think of it this was: if you are a carp draughty you will slow up the design process. Given the speed at which work has to be churned out by UK Wks Gp RE in Afghanistan you can't afford to be carrying the draughtmen. The larger projects have upwards of 40 drawings per tender. You need to be quick and accurate.

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