Draftee retires after 40 years in the Army

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Random_Task, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Draftee retires after 40 years in the Army link
    Bet he won't have pension problems!
  2. Well done to him! Have a very happy and very long retirement, Sir.
  3. What a good bloke!

    Happy retirement!
  4. Within the cook house or "chow hall" in camp Navistar on the Kuwaiti border in 2003, there was an old guy who used count people in and out of the building, I got talking to him one day and it turned out that he was Vietnam veteran too, I was quite impressed at what the old boy had done to say the least. Pity we dont let our soldiers serve beyond 55, there are definitley jobs that can be done effectively by the old and nold who I am sure would love the oppurtunity.
  5. What, like counting people in and out of the cookhouse? NCOIC Cookhouse Counter (would that be classed as some sort of accountancy role...job for SPS there)

    How would that be affecetd by PAYD?
  6. Yeah thats what he was doing! Could keep the SPS employed until they were 90 in that job! This bloke was well into his 60's. He'd been a ranger at some point and was a top bloke.
  7. Pretty sure his duties extended beyond counting people in and out of the cookhouse though.

    There were a few Vietnam vets around in the Gulf. One at our base had served in Vietnam. There was also a particularly big chested Texan babe, with red hair, and a texan drool voice. Ah the dreams.....
  8. She must have been getting on a bit if she'd served in Vietnam....and once that bra was off, those tits would have resembled two unfurled sleeping bags.
  9. Texan babe wasn't a vietnam vet. Sorry for the confusion.

    And I can assure you that her tits did not resemble anything other than two sleeping bags firmly furled in their "bouncing bomb" state.

    Her "Combat" Brazier (spelling) resembled a double compression sack too.