Draft DIN 2009DIN02-216 - drill pace to be changed??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Jist seen this on Armynet - has anyone else seen it? I imagine there will be some frothing...


    (Not to be communicated to anyone outside HM Service without authority)

    Title: Proposed change in foot drill timings
    Audience: All Regular Service Personnel
    Applies: Following review
    Expires: N/A
    Reference: 2009DIN02-216
    Released: Estimated 4 / 2009
    Channel: 02 – Personnel
    Content: Change in foot drill timings
    Sponsor: SP Pol Ceremonial
    Contact: Miss Carrie Onstaff , SP Pol Foot Drill Review 1a, x9671 8961
    Background – The Need For Change:
    1. The current pace of 120 paces per minute ( ppm ) has remained unchanged for over 100 years.
    2. Formed bodies of Armed Forces personnel are continuing to move at this pace.
    3. There are currently faster PPM in use amongst a minority of troops
    4. Slower timings result in unnecessary delays which are avoidable
    Key Points
    Introduction of a Forces-wide pace of 140ppm would result in formed bodies of moving faster from point to point
    SP Pol Foot Drill estimates that £2.1 million pounds per annum could be saved following swifter movement of formed bodies of troops
    There will be consideration given to exempting eg. Household Division on Ceremonial and State occasions only
    There will be special transitional arrangements for personnel who are currently deployed on Operations

    2. This DIN, is an update of the draft DIN 2009DIN02-093, which describes:
    a. Rational for change
    b. Implementation process and timeframe.
    c. Cascade process
    d. Course loading at ATRs for new drill standards
  2. What part of 'not Communicated..." etc do you not understand? twit! Classified information and all that malarky

    Edited to stop a case of the sulks
  3. It's about time the government brought in the goose-step.
  4. Welcome to the Borg

    Celer et Audax
  5. Seems sensible to me. I hope the Ghurkas are listening.
  6. Heard also they want to change the timing on static drill


    will be changed to

  7. Nice find Bravo ;)
  8. Of course, those already marching at that pace will have to go faster!

    Ivor Rush
  9. do you feel silly
  10. My first thought would be given that it it 1 Apr that it might be a wah!
  11. I remember her! Didn't she also work with Miss O'Check-Pace and that welsh bloke, Dai Daleft?
  12. do you mean that this did not give it away
  13. Not at all. Should I?
  14. April Fools?
  15. I think he knew last night, like the rest of use 8 hours ahead of the pack..