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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by uo1_rhino, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. I am booking myself on a Potential Officer visit to DRAC Bovington and would like to find out more about what to expect.

    Are there any interviews, physical fitness tests...etc?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. They'll let you know - the suggested packing list normally gives it away (whether you have to include PT kit etc.)

    Most PO's visits involve some element of phys, an interview (your aspirations etc.) and a night in the bar seeing how you fit in with the YOs etc.
  3. I'm going to that one on the 23rd of March. Should be a blast, literally.
  4. I attended the last one 4 weeks ago - Thoroughly well organised and a very nice bunch of blokes. No phys, which was pleasing, only informal interviews and a good insight into the Corps.

    Was great to get a chance to chat to the YO's on the Troop Leaders course, gave a very frank and honest perspective on RMAS and life post commissioning, Regiment selection etc.

    A really enjoyable couple of days, plus good banter in the mess - Make the most of it
  5. Great. It sounds like fun!

    My visit is happening pre-main board on the 13th May.

    Looking forward to it!
  6. Also went about 4 weeks ago and definately recommend it.

    I had very little prior knowledge about the corps and regiments within and found the couple of days very informative. Certainly made me think twice about my choice of direction!

    the only phys we did was of the right arm drinking variety.

    Visit finishes with an informal interview discussing the best reg's suited to personality etc. Although it is stressed that fam visits are the only way you can know if a reg is for you / not for you.

    la singe check your pms mate.

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  8. Is anyone else having lots of trouble getting in contact with any FR regiments? I've emailed QRL (who I've already interviewed with) 9/12 and QDG and no one is getting back to me. Very frustrating!
  9. Can't comment on the others but the QDG are just about to depart for a summer in the sun. They may have been on leave or otherwise busy.
  10. They are as well...I thought QRL were heading out on the next Herrick. Oh well, keep trying I guess!
  11. They are fulfilling two different roles. One is FR and one is Mastiff or so I believe not being a cavalry man myself. I think I have seen both cap badges around during MST.
  12. Hi thought I would re-surface this post and see if anyone is going to the PO visit to Bovington from the 9-11th June?
  13. Not on that visit but did one in April and just thought I'd add a bit to what's been said above.

    Capt. Noad is awesome. He takes the attitude that you're there to have a good time and get to know Bovington, the troop leaders, the RAC and its history a little bit better. Hence no phys - as he said to us, phys is tested at Westbury then improved at RMAS and the RAC is competitive so they won't end up taking people that aren't up to standard. He wants you to experience a bit of the RAC - not just another bleep test.

    For us the first day was lateish arrival, dinner in the mess and then and a presentation with lots of videos of things getting blown up. Second day was tours of all the schools, guided tour of the tank museum and then dinner and drinks with the troop leaders overlooking the coast at Lulworth mess. After dinner (and a few drinks down) we had a chat with Capt. Noad which forms the basis of a letter that he sends out to regiments you're interested in.

    All in all a really good 2 days and pretty chilled. It also ensures that regiments you're interested in get a report on you from an "official" source. I'd definitely recommend the visit for anyone even half thinking about the RAC.

    No. 36
  14. I pretty much echo No. 36. It's a very laid back visit. Captain Noad is fantastic, a great laugh and really makes the visit a great experience. He doesn't make you do any physical exercise (the adequacy of your fitness level is up to AOSB to determine after all). Programme is pretty much as outlined above. Captain Noad even gets the presentation out of the way on the first night so that you can get up at a civilised hour the next morning. How many YOs are about will depend on the stage of their troop leaders' course. Unfortunately they were away from Bovington when I went up but I did manage to encounter one or two YO and other officers who were about the camp for various reasons.

    The Bovington officers' mess is quite nice albeit very 1970s in architecture. The food is good and the bar is cheap. We were told that regimental messes are far better though because of the greater sense of community and a more permanent membership. You end up spending a lot of time in the bar so be sociable.

    To anyone about to go on a visit to DRAC:
    - Relax.
    - Bring a shirt, jacket and non-jeans trousers to wear in the mess
    - Make an effort to fit in and get on with the other PO and any officers you meet.
    - Don't be an arrogant snob, don't be annoyingly chippy. If you come from the 'wrong side of the tracks' you'll probably go in with certain preconceptions about the RAC (and especially the cavalry). These are almost certainly going to be confirmed when you find yourself surrounded by posh public school boys. Don't let that intimidate you or make you go defensive. You're all in the same boat and if you just socialise normally you'll find that that a lot of the people are quite decent blokes.
    - Do a bit of research into what regiments you would like to see afterwards, but keep an open mind. Captain Noad will ask for two regiments that you're interested in seeing more off.
    - It's a cash bar so bring money.
    - Figure out what is the most deviant point in your sexual history
  15. Thanks Number 36 and MadeUpName!! Really looking forward to it.