DR10 Drink Driving

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Luco90, Jun 17, 2011.

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  1. Just off the phone with my recruiter literally within the hour. Lets just say I am doing this little post out of pure frustration and anger at myself. At age 18 I had everything at my feet. Just passed my driving test, had part time job in Tesco and was about to take my A Level exams. My main aim was to join the British Army. Although my parents werent thrilled about it I could'nt sign up without there consent until I was 18. So I'd prepared myself to apply once I finished my exams. Then in one night how I managed to **** everything up. Now I consider myself a pretty smart fella. Always said I'd never do it but drink in and whits out. I had a pretty mad night out, ended up in my house fell asleep on the sofa woke up about 3-4 hours later and felt like I'd been hit by a train. Anyway I decided I was sober enough to drive to the 24hr garage and get some food in for a mean breakfast. Well turned out to be worst decison of my life. I got stopped and arrested. Taken away and recieved a 12 month ban and they revoked my license.

    I am now 20 turning 21 very soon and it has taken me all this time after finishing my ban and waiting on a 203 to come back, they have told me that they can offer me a job as a clerk. No Infantry, nothing at all, just a clerk. Funny thing was I'd left my job and pulled out of school to concentrate on joining the army. Well folks I'd just like to leave you with this wee story if you ever drink and drive your an absolute tit head. Now I'm probably going to end up behind some supermarket till for the rest of my todd.

    Toast to all the drink drivers you are ballbags!..including me
  2. Well, clearly you're a massive cock but you appear to have acknowledged that yourself.

    But if you're still being offered a job - even if it's not the one you necessarily wanted - then why not suck it up and take it? Much better than working in Tescos, which seems to be your second option.
  3. Im still trying to get my head around it. One mistake in life has well and truely left me buggered! What is the definition of a clerk anyway? I was too gutted on the phone to even ask what the job is?
  4. Join as a clerk, and try and transfer once you're in
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  5. AAGF


    Look on the bright side - that same mistake could have killed or injured others. You fucked up and it sounds like you've learned from it, so make the best of it going forward - you can't change what's happened.
  6. My grandfather barely survived the war, only to be ploughed into and killed by a drink driver on his way to work. No fecking sympathy I'm afraid...
  7. Smudge67er would it be possible to try and transfer while Im in as a clerk?

    Barbarella sorry to hear abot that. Not looking for sympathy at all. Just trying to release the anger inside me, I know I fucked up.
  8. I'll second that. Had lots of mates that had a similar situation before they joined up. They made out OK. Get in, get it done, and come out a better man. Best of luck.
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  9. Appreciate that exscaley. After seeing some of these posts, I am going to go ahead with the job as a clerk. Might do me a world of good.
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  10. To realise your position as Clerk you need to think like this

    Most other military roles > Clerk
    Tesco tills > Tesco trolley boy

    The pen isn`t mightier than the sword when the shit hits the fan.

    Good luck and transfer.
  11. Do it. Get processed and get your foot in the door. Try hard and do well at Basic Training-you already have the incentive. When you get to phase two training express your keenness to transfer to a teeth arm and take it from there.
    When you get to Winchester (where the clerks do their clerky training) you will notice it's packed with fanny as a lot of clerks are girls. The potential shagfest might change your mind.
    See. Things are looking up already!
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  12. Brilliant stuff guys. I must say when I heard on the phone, it felt like all hope had been lost, but a few quality and informative posts on here and the hope is restored. Cheers everyone for the reply. Just off the phone, they where busy, but I am going to ring first thing on Monday and take the job. Thanks again
  13. Keep ringing today, fcuk Monday, if you want it
    go hell for leather for it!
  14. The AGC really will give anyone a shot. They're like the army's version of care in the community.

    There's a lad at my place who applied for a job as a Blue Rocket in the cookhouse, he got fucked off for being too mongy. The AGC ******* snapped him up, no messing.

    AGC(SPS) God bless them.
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  15. aye and at least you can spell.