Dr Vince Cable Stung by Telegraph Reporters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    He has not said anything that we did not already know. FFS this is a non-story if ever there was one.

    I just wonder how 'undercover' these reporters were and is Cable trying to use some of that 'conventional' ammunition to get something he wants without going 'nuclear'?
  2. Vince Cable could 'bring the Government down' by resigning? He is a charming old chap and he has some interesting ideas (for a liberal) and has the credibility of having been an economist out in the real world before going in to Parliament, but he has rather an inflated sense of his importance if he thinks his departure would bring the Government down. He would simply be replaced by a yes-man, career politician who would do as he was told. His departure might, however, be a fatal blow for the Lib Dems (and hence also for the Tories) for the next election.
  3. I did like the quote "Labour said the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition was "paralysed".", as if it was any different for them; the one eyed twat Brown forced through his decisions without any real thought for government.

    Surely this was to be expected though? It's a coalition, it's not like their all best mates is it? I'm not too fond of the fact that the reporters posed as his constituents either, it just smacks of entrapment.

    Throwaway statements like "I have a nuclear option" just make him sound like a **** though.
  4. As an aside, I note that that nasty little Marxist 'intellectual' Milliband has ordered the party faithful to stop referring to the Government as a 'coalition'. As an example, I heard the oily little tic leading by example in one of his (incredibly rare) appearances on the media referring to them as 'the Conservative-led Government' - the spin continues.

    I am finding the current situation, with a slightly drippy coalition Government opposed by the left-wing 4th eleven very, very difficult. I never had any trouble, toiling under the totalitarian Blair/Brown Axis, summoning up endless bile and resentment for their treatment of this country. I need Milliband to be more visible so that I can hate him more.
  5. OK, lets 'go for it'. Resign. So what? Cable is an unreconstructed socialist and famous for being 'wise after the event'. Somehow, he has 'entrapped' many into believing he is a 'wise old owl'. In reality he is a 'gobby old git'. He is a danger to the economy of this nation that is already all but smashed by the awful, the appalling oaf Brown.

    If Cameron has the guts to say: 'Goodbye, don't call me, I'll call you', so much the better. Bring back that man who 'felt' obliged to resign because of his sexuality.

    When HSBC - a giant in world terms - is talking openly about 'leaving' UK, something has to be done.

    Finally, why does the dancing twerp Cable constantly grand-stand with threats to 'bankers', and why does he never proclaim the damage done and stupidities wreaked by the inept, socio-path Brown? Why? Birds of a feather that is why.

    I'll change my signature if Cameron has the guts to bin this silly old man.
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Of course Cable is naive, it is a prerequisite for being a Limp Dim.

    And yes I know there should be a diaerisis but I can't be bothered to go and look for it.
  7. Being embarrassed is nothing compared to how working people are struggling in the UK under the budget cuts. He'll be shielded by his generous Parliamentary pension and so on, more than now while still an MP. Discomfort is the least most pollies deserve these days.
  8. Delusions of adequacy
  9. Well, Dear Old Doc Cable might be a Nice Old Gent. But as far as 'Economic Abilities', he is streaks ahead of the Old One Eyed Duffer. If Doc Cable does go, one is sure that Call-Me-Dave will have somebody else in mind, possibly from the Limp-Dicks side....maybe!!

    Any bets on another Gen Election sometime in 2011 as the 'glue' of the Limp-Dicks as far as the Coalition comes unstuck. There are also a lot of disgruntled Tory's out in the sticks who want the Limp-Dicks gone....

    Trouble is, the last thing we need is internal squabbling within the Torys, or the Limp-dicks..... I for one don't want to see Mr Ed (or whoever the Unions decide is going to replace him) back in office after their last ruinations of the UK.

    If the Labour Marxist-Leninist Party of Great Britain gets back into office, it will be the TUC and Unions who will be yanking their chains to tell them "What to do" and "How to do it!"......

    It will be "Goodbye to Him, and Goodnight to Us...!"
  10. UV: I will be very surprised if CMD indeed gets rid of Mr Cable,

    Also Mr Cable has made it well known that he wants Mr Laws to return although I do agree with you this is the last thing the Coalition needs....
  11. I'd be surprised if Cable is either embarrased or has any notion of resigning.

    He's a politician and he's just proving a point to his Conservative colleagues.
  12. If you think Vince is a nice old chap then he's got you fooled.

    Fact is, he's a ****. He has a large spread in the New Forest (via his wife), is genuinely despised by his neighbours for being the rudest, most arrogant man in the district.

    He waffles on about his years of "private sector" experience. Fact is, other than being a lifetime bureaucrat, he was chief economist at Shell for all of three years.....truly a laughing stock position even at Shell. He was never good enough to be responsible for a "profit centre" and has never made a commercial £ in his life.

    He's a pontificating ****ing windbag who loves the sound of his own voice and is crack-head high on his own notions of self-importance.

    One of today's true political *****.
  13. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Banker, you say what you bloody well want fella, don't hold anything back just for our sakes!!
  14. Haha haha haha.

    Shows a complete lack of knowledge of what economists actually do and how they are viewed.