Dr Pepper vs Dr Pepper Zero?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chimpy., May 18, 2007.

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  1. Dr Pepper has sugar in it and so is very unhealthy. But Dr Pepper Zero has no sugar but has artifical sweeteners and chemicals in it. So which one is worse for you?
  2. both But Zero rocks
  3. Dr. Pepper is an aquired taste either way.

    Dr. Pepper has a reduced sugar content (at least where I live), as such some of the sugar is replaced with aspartame.

    If it's the same in the UK, you'll be getting the worst of everything with the sugary version.

  4. Who cares. Dr Pepper is made by the devil, it stinks worse than Red Bull.

    Peppers and sweetcorn are also made by M.Le Devil, and water chestnuts in chinese, ewww.
  5. Guess its worth mentioning.. It also depends on the amount you drink.
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  7. Sais it all Dale....
  8. She does have a point.

    Seeing as we're in the Health forum can anyone sort out Squed's bulldog face? Either she's a chromosone short or she was battered with a shovel.
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  10. Who drinks Dr Pepper anyway? Taste as bad as your j!zz BH
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