Dr Kendall-Smith

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fones_4_Me, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Surely the good Dr has to get done for this! If not he has opened the door for everyone to do the same? The day will come when Pte soldiers are saying "Im not going to Iraq its illegal, my Dr told me so"......
    I also think he should get done for wearing a long black leather jacket that makes him look like an SS officer or Neo from the film The Matrix.... but that is just my personal view.
  2. This case is currently sub judice, and IAW ARRSE policy for this board, should not be discussed whilst the Court martial is sitting. No doubt PTP will lock the thread shortly.
  3. "No doubt PTP will lock the thread shortly. " - virobono

    Why lock the thread ? Is opinion banned now ?

    We will have zero effect on the Court Martial. I take it from Your view that discussing this down the pub is banned as well ?

    ARRSE is the equivilent to the pub, though I guess placing the thought police in every spot where an opinion is held would be very 1930's Germany.

    Sub Judice is applied in English, Canadian and Australian law .......... the internet is ever so global

    Sorry have to go the Gestapo is at the door.
  4. Master-Sniper, don't be such a fcukwit as your log-in suggests.

    Arrse is not the equivalent to the pub unless you go drinking around Fleet Street. And I'll think you find that you stand the chance of getting your fingers burned quite severely if you think that you can't be touched because you're on the internet

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I know for sure that I wouldn't express all my felt opinions on the internet for all to see. That is how this website differs from the pub or the mess......
  5. Spot on matelot.

    As I type there are 76 members logged in. There are also over 100 non-members. How many are journos?

    Until the court martial is over we should refrain from posting on this matter.
  6. "Master-Sniper, don't be such a fcukwit as your log-in suggests." - matelot

    (If 2,762 fps is confusing You never served in anything I recognize)

    Good God, a compliment from the Irish Fishing Fleet. (Sorry Navy)

    My "Log In" as You put it was many years of hard work and hard training.

    If You don't understand how the Internet works with regard to sub judice in English Law, then none of us should have an opinion. Try the US 1st Amendment for a simple start......Shock Horror there are Yanks on AAESE
  7. This site has a clearly stated policy which is not affected by your legal interpretation of outside matters, or by the presence of overseas users of the site. Get back to enjoying your leave! 8)
  8. Just found guilty and too right!!!!

    He went out there twice, why was the 3rd time illegal? Just some crab miffed cos for once they're asking him to do his job and what he's been paid for all these years.

  9. Irish Fishing Fleet? Don't think so mate. I'm an RN Senior Rate.

    You evidently have no fcuking clue about this website and the dozens of journos who sniff after dirt on a constant basis. If you think that posting on a web forum has no application in English and Welsh law, why don't you contact the editors of Popbitch or Holymoly to name but two who have had their fingers burnt before and will tell you otherwise.....

    Learn to spell as well. It's recognise, NOT recognize.
  10. Link please Crabby? BBC website just says that the panel has retired to consider the verdict.
  11. I'm watching news 24 :oops:

    They've not sentenced yet but they found him guilty. I'm sure someone will find a link sometime soon.
  12. been on news 24 guilty
    although refusing to do rifle and pistol practice understandable would you want to be on a range with a load of crab air medics :twisted: :roll:
  13. BBC site updated:


    No sentence as yet, but guilty on all five charges.

  14. Arrse is in fact the ARmy Rumour SErvice... not the navy one. I posted in Current Affairs, news and Analysis. I do believe The Dr Kendall-Smith case is current, he has now been found guilty, I would put money that my post did not have an affect on the outcome of the case... So RN Senior Rate if you have nothing to say on the thread go post in Rum and Ration!