Dr Fox says we cannot risk early withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Hald a dozen tins of instant sunshine would take care of any linerging concerns after withdrawl
  2. If we leave Afghan early, before our 'aim' is done (someone, remind me what that was), then surely the whole entire thing is pointless?
    The biggest thing in the war against the Taliban was the OBL killing, and that was in Pakistan, and by the US.
  3. Who cares what Dr Fox thinks?

    He was crap on Pop Idol.
  4. Took the Russians 20 years to realise it was pointless.
  5. And a cnut & ******
  6. Ah but the Russians didn't have an 'aim'. They just spent years getting killed for no apparent reason before eventually 'withdrawing' with their tails between their legs.
  7. The selection of quotations gives the impression that Dr Fox is confused. Let's hope that that is not the case.

  8. I actually miss the Russians, they were good people, they supported Afghanistan through very hard times with good intent, economic packages and trade, especially when Pakistan kept on blocking trade from India purposely whenever we struck hard at their so called "Peshawer Seven", those scumbags who sold Afghanistan off to Pakistan and America, I wish one day Pakistan receives the same treatment, crafty bastards, they always know how to get away from their dirty work while others suffer.

    Yes I agree, the Afghan people are very difficult to educate, rule over and organise, I accept that, but those who had good intent for Afghanistan to prosper out-numbered those who wanted an Islamic Emerite under Warlords, Sadly the War took toll on the Russians, as they were never trained in the terrain, and started taking the law into their own hands, and became rouge in way, killing the civilians through collatoral damage just gave numbers to those scumbag Mujahideen.

    I remmeber a family friend, who ran a children's school in Kabul, he had a heart of gold, when the Mujahideen took control over Kabul, they purposely attacked his school, they accused him of being a Communist, and just to make sure, they left a legacy, they killed all the children and he has hanged in public, its very sad.

    I just hope members of the British Army, do not take this news in the wrong way, and start venting their anger on the Afghan people, most of the Afghan people appriciate your good intentions.
  9. And whats our aim then, apart from that little **** Tony B wanting to keep the good old US of A happy.

  10. Sorry I thought I posted using the 'irony' font.