Dr forced teen with learning difficulties to perform sex act

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by KerryKatonasLooseFlaps, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Dr indulges in my most arousing sexual fantasy -

    Dr and mong sex

    A GP forced a teenage acne patient with learning difficulties to perform a sex act on him at his surgery, a medical tribunal heard today.

    Dr Steven Ashenford treated the 17-year-old girl for acne and a bad back at the Sutton Hill Medical Practice in Telford, Shropshire, in March 2007.

    He bought her an iPod for her birthday and they met up in cafes where they 'snogged and kissed', the General Medical Council (GMC) hearing in Manchester was told.

    And another one -

    Dr and depressed wife sex

    A doctor threatened to withhold a patient's medication unless she agreed to have sex with him, a hearing was told.

    Dr Michael Rusling, 48, a married father-of-three, allegedly threatened to stop her prescription unless she came to see him.

    Then when she visited him he had sex with the 'vulnerable' woman both in the surgery and at her home, it is claimed.

    The GP appeared before the General Medical Council today accused of having sex with two patients and a member of staff.
  2. NAAFI or not. You are a top notch advert for the Armed Forces.
  3. he required her to "rub the cream in twice a day"....
  4. You really are a fucking waste of skin, aren't you?

    Bet your coffee table is covered with those shitty "lifestyle" magazines that end up in GP's surgeries, because you've not got enough minerals to buy proper grot.
  5. I hardly think she was forced, in my experience, the attention of an educated man, a showering of electronic gifts and the descriptive phrase, 'snogged and kissed' is enough to turn any gravel headed window licker into a sultry, twitching bag of lady pheremones.